Free Market Florida, the group that has long decried a set of federally mandated water pollution standards, has unveiled its latest video, this one aimed at two environmental groups: the Sierra Club and Earthjustice.

As we’ve previously reported, Free Market Florida describes itself as “a project of Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy, Inc., a 501(c)(4) organization,” a group with the same name as the one that ran the successful campaign against Florida’s “Hometown Democracy” Amendment 4 last year. The group’s address, 610 South Blvd., Tampa, has become notorious for housing dozens of political action committees.

Free Market Executive Director Ryan Houck stars in the group’s latest video clip, in which he says that the nation’s economic competitiveness is under assault — “under the banner of environmentalism.” Houck then goes on to cite the Sierra Club’s vehement opposition to a 677-mile natural gas pipeline, as well as its support for harsher water (.pdf) and phosphate regulations, to argue that the group is a “foe of economic freedom and of common sense itself.” He also says that the group is putting “America’s energy and food supply at risk.”

“The Sierra Club hides behind the veneer of environmentalism,” Houck says in a press release. “They are not environmentalists—they are opportunists. They abuse the legal system to halt job-creation, shut down domestic energy production and, too often, send taxpayers the bill for their legal shenanigans.”

The ad ends with Houck imploring those who agree that the “Sierra Club has gone too far” to donate to Free Market Florida. When asked about the source of Free Market Florida’s funding in April, Houck wrote, “While we don’t agree with them on much, we do agree with the Sierra Club that advocacy groups are not required to disclose contributors for non-electioneering efforts.”

Watch the clip, in full:

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