Free cPanel hosting exists in large number today. You’d find through several web directory sites that there is plenty to choose from. There is one simple reason for that. Software creators, re-sellers and users alike find that no other software makes web hosting more straightforward than the cPanel language. Hence, if you are planning to build a site, you might as well consider paid or free cPanel hosting.ย  If you are in need of top notch IT Support you should considerย Gordian Networks.

But what is a cPanel application? In a hosting plan, a cPanel application is composed of various software components. Among many control panels available in the market, this is considered to be state of the art. Whether you are a newbie or a geek, you would find that managing several tasks with cPanel is as easy as one, two, and three. And here are other aspects of cPanel that many people like:

It makes web hosting easy. It comes to the fore with its user-friendly GUI (graphic user interface) which helps in simplifying complex web tasks such as creation of databases and subdomains, uploading of software, dumping information, processing of emails, installation of WordPress on domains (provided that the Fantastico script has been installed), website tracking and many other tasks. Some provider even offer free domain to users.

It allows safe site testing and experimentation. Free cPanel hosting provides you space to experiment with various techniques on the site. A series of experimentation and testing with cheap risks helps develop confidence and competence even for newbies.

It works for any purpose. Zero-cost hosting works great for any purpose from non-business hubs such as a hobby or family website to small start-up commerce-related sites. Free unlimited hosting is a suitable choice.

It makes backup creation and host-transfer a child’s play. In just few short clicks, the user can create a back up or move the data to the new host.

It provides excellent support. cPanel provides an incredible free web troubleshooting and script debugging support. It also allows the user to actively monitor the traffic flow using actual and real time statistics. This not only solves the difficulty of site management but also aids in other departments involved in the business such as marketing. cPanel also has a statistics-viewer which will help gauge which part of the site needs to be improved.

Is Free cPanel Hosting the Best Option For Small Companies?

Aside from free cPanel hosting, there are different scripting languages used to build sites. ASP Net Web Hosting, PHP, VPS, Green Web, and e-Commerce are some other hosting languages available. However, cPanel hosting still stands out from the rest.

Similar to many purchasing decisions, trying to decide on the right host can take a little time. But this is time well spent when you consider how important your website is to your business. Sure there are plenty of companies that want your business and claim they are the best. But you need to compare apples to apples and cheap web hostingย is a good place to do just that.

Although price is an important factor, it should not be the only deciding reason for choosing your next hosting provider. Cheapest is not always the best. Free cPanel hosting may sound like the way to go, but shop around first. It may be better to pay a little more and get the right provider the first time.

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post antivirus era
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Antivirus Software Can Make Your Computer More Vulnerable

The core purpose of an antivirus software is to protect your device and the data from malicious programs such as viruses and malware. Using a computer or a smartphone without an antivirus program is considered a crime. Users feel protected and safe.

The beginning of the post-antivirus age

Recently, a team of internet security experts has warned that the antivirus programs are not doing a great job in protecting the data of the users. In fact, in most of the cases, an antivirus program can make your device and data more vulnerable.

The Project Zero team at Google found some major issues in the Symantec and the Norton antivirus programs. The CERT has already issued a warning to the users, and the antivirus companies have been informed of these vulnerabilities but the damage has been done.

No Antivirus Security

Is it safe to use antivirus software?

The question that the users are asking if it is safe to use malware programs?

Apparently, having an antivirus program installed on your machine feels good and protected. This is a general perception but some of the experts don’t use any antivirus software.

Mannan, a professor in Concordia University doesn’t use any antivirus. He hasn’t used any for ages because he doesn’t see any value in them.
The CEO of KnowBe4 is of the view that antiviruses are useless and don’t help in protecting the data anymore.

The best thing you can do is stop using antivirus software. This is what the security experts are doing and this is what they call ‘the post-antivirus age’. Having an antivirus installed on your machine that doesn’t do anything is of no use. Not just that antivirus programs don’t have the capacity to detect and remove viruses but they create loopholes and make your machine insecure.

How to protect your data and device

In today’s post-antivirus age, the best way to protect your machines and data from security breaches is to take precautionary measures. Here is what you should do.

1. Refrain from downloading files and attachments from unknown persons. This is the most common and the primary source of infecting your machine with a virus.
2. Update the operating system regularly. Keep it updated. You should be the first to install the updates from the operating system as these updates keep the machine current and protected.
3. Do not use external storage devices from unknown people. The best practice is to refrain from attaching any storage device with your primary work machine. Ask people to share files via cloud or email as this is a safer route.
4. Do not connect with public Wi-Fi and networks. It is an awesome feeling when your device catches an open network but let this feeling not dominate your senses.
5. Backup your data regularly. This includes everything ranging from photos to videos to important files. Either use cloud storage or an external storage device for the backup.

The best you can do to protect your computer, smartphone and other devices from viruses is to refrain from using antivirus software. This is what the experts do and recommend.

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