The Florida Independent reported yesterday that U.S Congressional candidates Joe Garcia (Democrat) and David Rivera (Republican) are vying for the Latino vote in District 25 by addressing issues of interest for this diverse group of South Florida voters. But the issue of the American government’s relations with Cuba keeps dominating headlines.

Fox News yesterday took a look at the race, examining those very points. Video after the jump:

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Radical anti-abortion rights groups tout ‘historic’ work that lead to the 2009 murder of Kansas abortion provider

Yesterday, radical anti-abortion rights group Operation Rescue sent out a press release announcing its Summer of Mercy 2.0 in Germantown, Maryland. The last “Summer of Mercy,” took place twenty years ago in Wichita, Kansas, where work done by anti-abortion rights groups culminated in the shooting of abortion-provider George Tiller. Tiller was shot in both arms by an anti-abortion rights activist in 1993, and was eventually murdered by a different activist in 2009, also in Wichita.