Backlinks can significantly boost your rankings in Google. In order to reap the benefits, it is crucial to identify and opt for more valued backlinks. To get more exhaustive information on what backlinks are and how to work with them, you can refer to this informative guide for beginners.

Among the highly esteemed backlinks are those that are placed on .edu domain sites. Having links to your website from .edu websites can make your source more authoritative in “Google’s eyes”; however, it will never substitute the high-quality content expected from your resource. To get more information on .edu backlinks and their importance, you should visit the following source –

After all, Google highly values .edu sites (and backlinks on them, respectively), and there are certain reasons for that. First, such platforms usually have been around for quite a long time, and second is that they are a part of a network of superb trusted internet resources. Having said all that, it becomes clear why getting a backlink from a .edu site is quite a difficult task. To be worthy of putting a link to your source on some .edu site, your site must be a valuable source for its audience – i.e. first of all, for the students. And this oftentimes can be difficult, as you might never consider such an audience as your target one. Still, a difficult task is not an infeasible task, and in this article, we have tackled some accessible and working strategies for you to earn those highly valuable backlinks!

Here are 7 ways

1. Become a valuable resource for students

Getting your backlink to a resource board is the proven way to boost your site ranking. But in the case of .edu sites, the task is not as simple as with the boards. To get your backlink placed on a .edu source it must have value for students. And it is not only about the quality of articles published on your site but also about the theme. Given that your resource can only be about your business, how can one male it interesting or valuable for students? – It is absolutely possible, but only in case, the educational institution you work on acquiring backlinks from is somehow interested in your business, meaning that your business is, to a certain extent, can be considered helpful for students. For example, among such areas of interest can be sports, nutrition, meditation classes, etc.

Ok, the above point is pretty clear, but how to find those .edu sites you should work with, as not all the colleges or universities can be interested in your business field? – That’s quite simple if you use an advanced search string in your Google search, such as this one:

” fitness + inurl:resources”

With this string, you will set your browser the task to search for those .edu sites that have pages on fitness (your alleged business sphere) resources. As a result, you will get the page with links on educational institutions you can start working on just at once!

2. Massage your targeted partner’s ego.

We all enjoy being valued. So, suppose you want to win the attention of a particular educational establishment. In that case, it is always worthy to, for example, read materials prepared by their staff members, or research more information about them. That is why to get a link to your site posted on a .edu source it’s never a bad idea to ask for an interview with one of the institution’s professors or place one of his or her articles on your website. This way, you increase the chances for your backlink placement request to be accepted!

3. Create and offer a scholarship

If you have already got tired from endless rejections to place your backlink on a .edu site, or just want never to experience any, you should make an offer no educational institution can ever refuse. And what can be such an offer? – Right, such offers are usually measured in dollar figures, and in the case with .edu sites, the free money for their students. Yes, it is about a scholarship, and yes, it is about investing your own money, but it is 100% worth the deal! However, not all educational institutions can post announcements on scholarships of this type. Remember to look through institutions’ scholarships first and then find out whether it can post announcements on external scholarships. To make your search faster and more effective, you can input the string below in your search bar: “scholarships”

4. Cooperate with students having .edu blogs

Today, you can find many colleges enticing their students to start a blog on their .edu sites, thus providing them with a space for sharing their opinions.  And many students use this chance. So, this can be considered another opportunity to place your backlink on a .edu site. You are especially lucky if such a student is among your friends or acquaintances, but you can still leverage this opportunity if you have no such friends. There are a number of situations one can solve with the help of money, and this situation is of those you can easily solve by offering a payment to a student blogger who will make a post on his or her blog and insert your backlink in it. To fasten the process of searching for the aspiring blogger, you can use sites such as Fiverr or Craiglist.

Yes, you can also get much use of this option in this instance, as working with broken links on .edu sites is no less profitable. The 404 or a dead link linkbuilding strategy is of the easiest ways to place your backlinks, and in the case of building links on .edu sites, it will be easier for you if you combine the broken link strategy with placing your backlink on a resource page. The thing is that broken links can often be found among links mentioned in those lists. In case you find such a link on a resource page, you can contact the webmaster and ask him or her to replace it with yours.

6. Offer discounts for staff and students

It wouldn’t be much of a revelation to say that people love discounts on everything, and especially on the products they currently need. There is nothing complicated about offering a discount to college staff or students, however, it such an approach has a couple of nuances you should consider:

  1. If you have a local business, it’s better to offer discounts to local educational institutions;
  2. It’s better to lower prices on something really useful for students and/or staff.

7. Offer jobs for students in your company

Create vacancies for students and a page on your site with job offers. You can find pages on available jobs for students or alumni on almost any .edu site. Hence, your request to place the job offers together with the link on your site will most likely be accepted. To search for out .edu sites with the “jobs” pages easier and faster, use the following string in your Google search bar: “jobs”

Thank you for reading this article till the end! In this review, we tried to provide you with seven effortless yet effective link building strategies for successful cooperation with .edu sites. Hopefully, you will find them useful and get your site esteemed much higher by Google with the great power of .edu sites!

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