Visiting another country means getting to know its people, its history, peopleโ€™s lifestyles in different parts of the country and its cultures and traditions. However, one thing, which you look forward the most, is the countryโ€™s taste and types of foods it offers.

There are many countries in the world that are famous for their variety of food and Vietnam is one of them. For this reason, food tours in Vietnam are designed for tourists who are basically foodies and love having different types of delicious food.

These tours will take you to different restaurants all around Vietnam and make sure that you have some good food and an even better experience.

Check out the Vietnam Food Tour

Real Taste of Vietnam- 13 Days:

This tour package promises you that your experience in Vietnam will be connected and enhanced by food. Enjoy the amazing Vietnamese cuisine at the capital, Hanoi, the calm city of Hoi An and the business hub, Ho Chi Minh. You will not only get the chance of tasting food but also cooking food with restaurantโ€™s chefs. With food, you can also enjoy sightseeing and clicking pictures, as Vietnam is not short of mesmerizing views.

You can explore the capital, Hanoi, on a bike, and have a blast as you skim through the traffic just like a local. While your stay at Hanoi, you will have a food tour, which will give you a chance to taste the Vietnamese dishes that are less popular. When you have the food tour, make sure you have not eaten much as you will go through four courses, which even includes a drink.

Another food tour that you will have on this package is the Hoi An food tour. The whole day, you will get to eat the most famous and royal dishes of Vietnam, giving you variety and taste. Some of the popular street food dishes will also be on the list on this day.

The most exciting part is when you will have the chance to become the assistant of a chef when you are on a cruise to Halong Bay. So not only having food is important, you must also know how it is done.

Vietnam Culinary Tour- 12 Days:

A good thing about this tour is that it takes you all around Vietnam, from north to south and lets you experience all the famous dishes of all parts of the country. This tour will make you realize that a countryโ€™s culture and traditions are connected through its cuisines and food. You will connect and interact with locals and see what their lifestyle and businesses are like to give you a better idea about Vietnam.

This tour includes two days of a walking food tour around two cities. This means you can explore the different sights of the cities as well taste the unique foods and dishes. There is nothing more fun than exploring the whole city on foot, clicking pictures with monuments as well as having famous food of Vietnam on the way.

Food Tours

There is also a cooking class held for the tourists at a rural village. Therefore, you can also look at the way of life of the people living in rural areas. Here the cooking class will be conducted. First, the agricultural fields and farms will be visited by the tourists and then the cooking class will start. A hard earned meal will be served to you, which will include three dishes and one drink.

Other activities include visiting the Mekong Delta that is a very famous tourist attraction and one of the biggest fields of Vietnam. You also have the opportunity to stroll through the tunnels of Chu Chi and have a great time.

Luxury Gourmet Explorer Vietnam- 13 Days:

This tour makes you travel the two modern day cities of Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. The food adventure will be enhanced by the food experts of the country who will make sure that you have each and every taste of the Vietnamese culture from high-end restaurants to street food stalls and bakery items, you will get it all in this amazing trip.

This tour also lets you cook your own giant meal with a professional chef. However, this time is a bit different. This time, you have to buy your own ingredients, make sure they are fresh and bargain with shopkeepers to give you a fair price.

A unique thing about this tour is that you get to spend a whole day at the Chu Chi tunnels. You can take pictures, make beautiful memories and go till the end of the tunnel.

Vietnam Flavors Experience- 11 Days:

This tour will give you to perfect combination of a tourist and a foodie. All aspects of the tour will include some or the other Vietnamese food or taste, with variety and deliciousness.

Being a foodie does not only mean that you only like trying different types of food but it also means that you like making new dishes as well. You can get the opportunity to do just that on this tour. There are two cooking classes in two different cities on this tour. This means you can learn to make some new dishes, each one representing its own origin, city and taste.

Other activities include an overnight cruise to Halong Bay, for which everyone waits impatiently. Another thing that this package offers is freedom. You will be given two days at Phu Quoc to do whatever you want to. You can spend it in whatever way you want. You can go shopping, make some beautiful memories with your loved ones, or just sit back and relax in your hotel room.

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A lot of people judge a country by its food. If you do not enjoy the food or cuisine of a country, half of your experience goes down the drain. Therefore, to have a good experience in both food and tour, these packages are the best. You can choose one of your favorite food tours in Vietnam and pack your bags now.

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