Picture this: a young videogamer, an aging artist, a struggling comedian, and a successful businesswoman. What do these people have in common?

When you look at them, you may think they are completely different people from different walks of life. But if you look a bit deeper, you’ll see each of these people is living a life that is true to who they are. And they are happy.

No matter where you come from or what is happening in your life, the most important reminder you can give yourself each day is to stay true to yourself. Because once you stop doing that, you’ll get lost and no longer recognize who you are.

Are you looking for daily reminders and tips on how to stay true to yourself throughout life? Read on for more!

Always Listen to Your Gut

Have you ever made a decision that blew up in your face shortly after? Or have you stayed in a relationship way longer than you should have?

People often say hindsight is 20/20 and you can’t dwell on your past mistakes. And while that’s true, it’s also true that you often have all the right answers within you. You just haven’t been listening.

If you’ve been in a bad relationship and you think to yourself, “is this right for me?”, you probably felt an instant, gut-wrenching feeling that screamed “No!”. This was your gut speaking to you.

But right after this feeling, your brain takes over and tells you that you need to keep trying and everything will work out. Yet, it never really does work out, and you waste another few months, or even years, ignoring your gut.

Your gut knows best. It’s your intuition telling you what is right and wrong for you. By listening to your gut, you can always stay true to your deepest self and avoid a lot of heartache and mistakes.

Don’t Change Who You Are for Others

If you walk away from this article remembering one thing, let it be this: never change who you are for the sake of other people. 

Throughout life, we encounter people who claim to love us, yet spend countless hours trying to change who we are. This can be family, friends, or significant others.

If you don’t stay true to yourself, it’s easy to succumb to their pressure and change your behaviors for their sake. But this is never a good idea.

It might feel good to appease others, but you are just cheating yourself. And while you might change externally for a little while, over time you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to be someone you’re not. 

Changing for other people can even happen on a smaller scale. Have you ever met someone completely different from you, and find yourself lying about your interests, or hiding who you really are for fear of being judged or rejected?

Being rejected feels awful, but it’s better to be yourself and be rejected than be accepted as someone you aren’t. 

Take Time for Yourself

We live in a busy world where there are always things to be done. Whether your days are full of work, family, or other responsibilities, it’s common to completely neglect yourself.

But if you spend all of your time throwing yourself into other responsibilities, it’s easy to stop staying true to yourself without even realizing it. You’re surrounded by other people’s troubles and issues, that you forget your own soul purpose.

No matter how busy your day is, always take time for yourself. It could be as little as ten minutes each day. Just remove yourself from other responsibilities and allow yourself to do whatever you want.

You could do a short meditation, take a nice bath, read your favorite book, go for a walk, etc. Just do whatever you want, and do it alone so you can decompress and reconnect with your true self.

Be Self-Reliant

It’s hard to be true to yourself if you constantly rely on other people every day. If you are needy towards others, such as a significant other, you’re robbing yourself of your full potential. 

For example, if you’re scared to go do something by yourself, you might skip out on something you really want to do if there’s no one to go with. This means you being yourself is dependent on others being there with you.

It’s okay to ask for help, and it’s okay to be taken care of sometimes. But staying true to yourself means relying on yourself and getting things done on your own, without waiting on others to appease you or help you through it.

Surround Yourself with Others Who Are True to Themselves

The people you surround yourself with can make being true to yourself a lot easierโ€”and a lot harder. Take a close look at the friends you spend your time with and ask yourself if they are being true to themselves.

By spending your time with people who are comfortable being who they are, it’ll make you feel more comfortable being yourself. You won’t feel pressured to fit into a box, you’ll feel inspired to break out of that box.

Stay True to Yourself No Matter What

At the end of the day, all we really have is ourselves. If you don’t stay true to yourself, you might not even have that.

So, every morning when you wake up, remind yourself to always be yourself, no matter what others may think of you. If you can do this, you’ll attract people who love you for who you really are and push away the people who are trying to change you.

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