The tide is changing and there is set to be a huge revision in how US states treat gambling – Florida included. As one of the states that CBS Sports listed as β€˜complicated’ with regard to gaming (online and casino) and betting law, Florida has a long history of providing betting-based excitement – despite the action of federal judges. Legislation will come in the summer, however, to ensure that the state can enjoy all three major arenas of money stakes, and that will be to the betterment of the state – starting with online casinos.

Florida’s Gambling Regulation Overhauls Pave the Way for Tremendous Opportunities

Get into the Gambling Business

The Digital Casino Scene

The most popular form of gambling is now the digital casino. These are actually part of a gray zone as to legality; only six states legalize online gambling, and Florida is not one of them. It is, however, legal to gamble online due to the nature of the internet, as highlighted by Click Orlando. Those online gambling real money will be further reassured by the push from the federal authorities to make the state reverse its invalidation of a compact, agreed with the Seminole Tribe, to allow sports betting across the state. As the Tampa Bay Times reports, it is seen as part of the entertainment makeup of the state, and an expression of free agency, that businesses and individuals are allowed to spend their money in and out of casinos and online with sports wagers. This is good news for the state.


Federal Expansion

This is a timely push back on lawmakers as, according to the Associated Press, the US is experiencing a huge boom in sports betting. 33 states plus DC now offer sports betting, meaning there has been inexorable growth in the industry – and the opportunity for the mixing of other industries, such as entertainment and tourism, into the gambling mix. This is of course already at home in Florida; Miami offers the glitz of Las Vegas with its seafront offerings, and Orange Park is also a known hub of gambling-for-fun. Florida is a tourist hotspot in prime position to take advantage if the law dictates so.

Online Casino

Responsible Betting Vanguard

While gambling is invariably a good economic story for states, it does of course come with baggage. Sports betting feels this more than most other fields; as Europeans will know, it soon becomes absolutely overbearing as gambling companies seek to use sports as an advertising field. As CNBC noted, industry figureheads from across the divide are now gathering to ensure proper governance over the industry. If Florida jumps into the betting scene with the aplomb that it should, it can take a leading point at this table and ensure that gambling is fair, and safe, for all.

Casinos are fun – and Florida is fun. A core part of the tourist industry, they are a fantastic way to enjoy the state and blend the various forms of recreation it has to offer. If progressive legislation can be brought to introduce sports betting as part of the mix, it’ll only be a good thing.

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