When the polls are averaged, Florida is coming up undecided in almost all seats for Congress and governor. This is in keeping with the state’s reputation as “purple,” swinging from red to blue depending on the election year.

Real Clear Politics, which takes an average of five polls, shows that five House seats throughout the state are in the “toss up” category — as opposed to leaning Republican or Democrat. No seats are leaning towards the Democrats, and only one, the 25th Congressional District currently held by Mario Diaz Balart, is leaning Republican. Likewise, the poll average puts the Florida U.S. Senate race in the toss-up category. The governor’s race is listed as leaning Republican, even though the primary candidate has not been chosen yet.

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Army Corps announcement could bode well for endangered Everglades species

The Army Corps of Engineers on Wednesday approved a South Florida Water Management District request for authorization to use temporary forward pumps to pull water from Lake Okeechobee lower than gravity-flow will allow, and now, the Corps has agreed to reduce that permit extension to one year only, in part to allow for a thorough analysis of the impacts of the pumps on the endangered Everglades snail kite. The announcement is an important one for the environmental group Audubon of Florida, which has long fought for the snail kite habitat.