Amendment 8 is on the November ballot and, if it passes, would impact the number of students allowed in every classroom in all Florida public schools.

The Sun-Sentinel reported today:

The Florida Supreme Court is hearing oral argument in a teachers union challenge to a ballot proposal loosening class size limits.

The Florida Education Association was set Wednesday to ask that the justices prevent the state from counting votes cast on Amendment 8 as it’s too late to remove the measure from the Nov. 2 ballot.

The union contends the ballot summary for the state constitutional amendment is misleading because it doesn’t say that the Legislature’s proposal would cut class size spending.

The amendment was a joint resolution filed by Republican Florida state Sens. Don Gaetz, John Thrasher, Nancy Detert, Stephen Wise, Mike Bennett, Mike Fasano, Garrett Richter, Mike Haridopolos, Carey Baker, Joe Negron, Charles Dean, Andy Gardiner, Lee Constantine, Steve Oelrich, JD Alexander, Durell Peaden Jr, Ronda Storms and Evelyn Lynn, and Democrats Gary Siplin and Jeremy Ring.

State Rep. Bill Heller, D-St. Petersburg, issued the following statement today:

Floridians have invested nearly $19 billion since 2002 in a highly successful strategy for reducing class sizes, which has resulted in better outcomes for public school students. About $16 billion of the investment went toward hiring new teachers, buying classroom supplies, upgrading technology and all the other things needed to allow students to learn in a more individualized and supportive environment.

David Hart of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, which supports Amendment 8, told WCTV, “There’s very little connection between the size of a classroom and the outcomes you get from your student achievement, particularly in the higher grades.”

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