The sports betting landscape in the United States is changing following the removal of the blanket ban on gambling. Several states moved quickly to take advantage of the rules changes, allowing residents and visitors to bet on sports like horse racing, football, and soccer through modern websites and user-friendly smartphone apps. There’s now no need to visit Las Vegas or a casino to get your betting fix. It can be done from the comfort of your home while watching the big game live on television or from the stadium on your mobile.

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New Jersey was the first state to move on this and they didn’t hang about. The laws were lifted sharply and other states weren’t far behind them. A selection of regions refused to entertain the idea, preferring to stick hard to the original laws and upholding the ban on betting, much to the frustration of some residents. The majority are happy to play the waiting game, remaining hesitant and weighing up the pros and cons, as any good government should. That is the state of play regarding sports betting in Florida at present.

Governors are playing the waiting game

Governors are playing the waiting game

Governors are content to look across state lines and monitor developments in the likes of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Iowa, and Nevada. They want to check the income generated by taxing the world’s biggest betting companies to trade, the effect it has on local business, and, of course, any detrimental effects on the population such as anti-social behavior and crime linked to sports betting and problem gambling.

Florida is working behind the jab, sizing up the competition before making their decision. That’s a smart move by governors but they aren’t moving nearly quickly enough in the eyes of those who support legalizing betting.

The rules are always changing as new states move to permit online sportsbook and casino betting. There are supporters of this but, of course, there are more than a few against it. Opposition comes from anti-gamblers as well as owners of racetracks who predict they will lose business with their regulars preferring to bet from home rather than visit the track.

There are the tribe-owned casinos too who would much prefer players were in the land-based casinos spending cash rather than on their smartphones dealing in digital transactions, playing poker and roulette through live streams.

It can be difficult to keep up with it all, even for those working in the industry. That is why we have asked the help of a sports betting expert who takes the time to answer your online sports betting questions with helpful, accurate, and snappy answers. The aim here is to keep you up to speed on developments in the gambling industry and on the right side of the law.

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Frequently asked sports betting questions

Frequently asked betting questions

Can I bet on sports legally in Florida?

Sports betting is currently illegal in the state of Florida and although discussions are ongoing to try to change that, at present, you shouldn’t attempt to gamble online or by any other means. Doing so would result in you breaking the law and harsh punishment is possible.

Can I use my smartphone to bet with an overseas bookie?

Betting through overseas bookies, including those from Europe, isn’t illegal due to outdated laws on the matter, but it certainly isn’t legal either and could also attract a criminal conviction. Many see it as bending the rules rather than breaking them, but that’s not the case. While betting is illegal in Florida, you shouldn’t make any attempts to get around that.

What is the quickest and most lawful way to gamble?

If you are intent on gambling on sports, you should find the nearest state to you where gambling has been made legal and visit. There you can gamble until your heart’s content on sports like NFL, NBA, NHL and all other sports.

You can do this using your smartphone or by visiting a land-based sportsbook. You are in complete control of your betting and can enjoy gambling without the fear of breaking the law.

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