A Florida registered agent can be an individual or a department that acts as an intermediary between customers. In other words, they are like a representative of an organization, speaking to customers on behalf of the company.

What makes a Florida registered agent reliable? He must be available during normal business hours to receive important documents such as tax notifications and know where to forward them to.

Florida registered agent is mandatory

A registered agent is mandatory

Everybody who runs a business knows that keeping good relationships with customers is of the utmost importance. The Florida registered agent or point of contact can help increase brand awareness, as all customers want to do business with people who are interested in them and want to liaise with them.

Anyone can be a registered agent in Florida, so long as they are over the age of 18 and have a street address in Florida. A Florida registered agent is actually mandatory or a formal business in Florida. They receive all official notifications on a business’s behalf. These agents serve as the business’s main point of contact with the outside world.


If a Florida company has been sued, it will be the registered agent who will be served with the legal paperwork. These registered agents serve an important role in all registered businesses in the state, and they are dedicated to providing efficient, professional services.

They can save a business a lot of stress as they maintain a compliance calendar which is a reminder to them about particular filings that are due, such as when income tax returns are due. So in other words the registered agent can keep a business on the right side of the law and avoid legal complications.

No miscommunication

The benefits of having these registered agents in Florida are vast, as, with the agent, all miscommunication is eliminated. So instead of issues being allowed to build and build without being resolved timeously, the registered agent has access to customer information. They communicate and solve problems just as soon as possible in a friendly and professional manner.

The customer is satisfied because they have no doubt that their problem will be tackled and solved by a skilled agent.

Steering a business free of lawsuits

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When you hire registered agents from a reputable agent service, you can expect to get more services from them than the fulfillment of statutory duties they offer. They will be responsible for handling a business’ private legal documents and steering the business clear of legal fines and pending lawsuits.

Every business that forms in Florida has to have a registered agent. You have to decide who the agent is before submitting a filing with the Florida Department of State – Division of Corporations so that it appears in the public records.

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