Political party committees poured more than $594 million into campaigns in 2010, according to data from the National Institute on Money in State Politics, and Florida accounted for roughly a fifth of that total.

Florida’s parties spent more than their counterparts in any other state, shelling out $119 million. Parties in the next highest-spending state, California, spent $68 million.

The Florida Democratic Party spent more than $50 million, most of it from unions and state and national Democratic committees. The Republican Party of Florida spent nearly $69 million, which included a big chunk of cash from the Republican Governors Association. Other big GOP donors included the U.S. Sugar Corporation, Disney and the retirement community The Villages. Utilities and the health insurance giant Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida were among the top contributors to both parties (see the details here).

A slew of new Florida campaign finance data will be released next week. Quarterly reports for parties and other committees are due Monday.

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