A new poll released this Thursday shows Hispanic voters favor independent Charlie Crist over Democrat Kendrick Meek and Republican Marco Rubio in the race for the U.S. Senate.

The poll — conducted by Asisa Research Group, a regional marketing and public opinion research agency — shows that

if elections were held today, current Governor and Independent candidate Charlie Crist would obtain 37.8% of Florida’s Hispanic vote; the closest contender, Republican Marco Rubio would obtain 28.9% of the minority vote. Democratic candidate Kendrick Meek would obtain 11.1% of the state’s Hispanic vote. The poll also found that just over one out of five Hispanic Florida residents who plan to vote, are still undecided.

The study, conducted by Miami-based regional pollster Asisa Research Group, also shows that Florida Hispanics describe themselves mostly as “moderates” in terms of ideological belief (38%): including 24% who define themselves as “moderate liberals” and 14% who do so as “moderate conservatives”. Stronger ideological positions are significantly less, as only 11% of those surveyed describe themselves as “strong conservatives”, and 7% as “strong liberals.”

The study was conducted on October 5th and 6th 2010, a total of 403 likely Hispanic voters were surveyed in Florida.

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