Congress has struggled mightily for a solution to the estimated 12 million-plus illegal aliens already in the country. This is the most difficult and politically contentious piece of immigration reform. A legalization-only approach—even if targeted at a subset of the illegal alien population, as the Dream Act is for college-bound students—would only ensure that, several years from now, there would be millions more new illegal aliens attracted by the hope of future legalization.

The article states that immigration reform should focus on three issues crucial to the United States: security, the economy, and freedom. The article points to the obligations the federal government has in resolving the issues surrounding immigration.

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Operation Rescue will continue ‘exposing the abuses of the abortion-cartel’ post-legislative session

Last week, radical anti-abortion right’s group Operation Rescue told Life News that the Texas Medical Board has continued to investigate the group’s claims that women’s health clinics providing abortions in Texas were violating the law. Clinic operators continue to dispute the claims, but fear that a wave of harassment and intimidation against abortion providers could follow.