Glad Tidings Church, located in Jacksonville, is set to host a “Jihad in Jacksonville” training conference on July 31. The event is being billed as an opportunity to “learn about the Muslim enemies already here and what you can do about it.”

For $40 per person, attendees can sit in on several lectures, including one by P. David Gaubatz, who is described as being a “counter-terrorism expert and covert operative.” According to a calendar posting for the event, Gaubatz’s lecture will focus on: “The Muslim Brotherhood, the whose stated goal is to infiltrate the foundational institutional organization[s] (politics, media, education, and religious) to subvert and destroy America from within.”

Gaubatz and his son Chris will also discuss a six-month undercover operation at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, where Chris gleaned over 12,000 “incriminating pages of evidence” while acting as an intern. Dave, who is the co-author of Muslim Mafia:  Inside the Secret Underworld Which Is Conspiring to Islamize America, is noted as being the man “directly responsible for saving the Iraqi Doctor who saved Private Jessica Lynch, along with his family.” According to, Gaubatz has previously called President Obama a “crack head” and our “Muslim leader.”

Also on the agenda? “Conducting your activism in a legal and professional manner,” ”Being prepared for Lawsuits from by Islamic based Terror Groups and/or Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups” and “Staying away from ‘Rhetoric.’”

Tensions around Florida’s Muslim community have been running high in recent months — the event comes just over two months after a Jacksonville mosque was pipe-bombed following the addition of a Muslim man to the Jacksonville Human Rights panel.

A Gainseville-area church is also planning an upcoming anti-Muslim event: “Burn a Koran Day” is slated to take place on September Eleventh.

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