The Florida Chamber of Commerce sent an email alert Tuesday urging businesses to “contact Senators NOW and tell them you OPPOSE mandatory E-Verify.”

The full Chamber of Commerce email states:

Today the Florida Senate will take up an immigration reform bill that, if passed with the deeply flawed Federal government E-Verify program attached to the bill, constitutes a TAX INCREASE on Florida employers.

When SB 2040 is taken up by the full Senate today, a “late-filed” amendment is expected to be introduced that would FORCE all Florida employers to use the error prone and costly Federal E-Verify program.

Mandatory E-Verify will hurt Florida businesses:

·         A recent federal study showed that 54% of individuals verified as legally eligible to work by E-Verify were in fact unauthorized aliens,

·         E-Verify does NOT currently provide liability protection for employers who receive faulty information from the system,

·         E-Verify only allows employers to screen employees AFTER they have been hired and placed on the payroll, and then does not even confirm whether an employee is in the country illegally, and

·         E-Verify incentivizes identify theft and forces employers to become document experts.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce urges you to contact Senators NOW and tell them you OPPOSE mandatory E-Verify. Mandatory E-Verify will be a NEW REGULATION ON FLORIDA BUSINESSES that would FORCE businesses to navigate the complex and unreliable federal program.

It is critical that you contact your Senator today. Tell them to OPPOSE mandatory E-Verify.

The Chamber of Commerce recently joined other Florida business groups and religious leaders to oppose immigration-enforcement bills because it says they harm the state’s economy and its character.

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