According to the Sun Sentinel, 46 Florida businesses and groups are urging Congress to further delay implementing federal water-quality standards for freshwater rivers, lakes and streams. The groups say implementing the rules now could be “economically devastating.”

The Environmental Protection Association already delayed implementing rules for canals, coastal waters and estuaries until August 2012. The agency has already faced pressure from Florida politicians to delay the implementation of the standards.

According to the Sentinel,

some environmental groups are pushing for tougher water standards to remove damaging nitrogen and phosphorus. Improved water quality is considered essential to preserving the Everglades and other waterways.

Among the businesses and groups were Palm Beach County Water Utilities, the Florida Fertilizer & Agrichemical Association and the Association of Florida Community Developers.

This comes on the heels of a study released Monday that says a $12 million investment into the Everglades could result in a more than $46 billion return as well as 400,000 jobs over 50 years. The study was completed by Mather Economics, an Atlanta-based consulting firm, but was commissioned by The Everglades Foundation.

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