The Christian Family Coalition announced today that it is endorsing Julio Robaina for mayor of Miami-Dade County.

The anti-gay and anti-abortion rights group’s press release touts Robaina’s support for “the sanctity of human life, protecting marriage and believes marital benefits should be reserved for the the union of one man, one woman, instituting a County-wide Faith-based advisory board, [and] protecting all people from discrimination, including Christians.”

The release also says:

As mayor of the city of Hialeah he issued a “Sanctity of Human Life Day” proclamation, in remembrance of the women and children who have died in the tragedy of abortion.

Julio Robaina supports the Marriage Protection Amendment, (Amendment 2), overwhelmingly approved by Florida voters 62% – 38% in November, 2008, which supports and protects marriage and all of its benefits for the union of one man, one woman.

As mayor of the city of Hialeah, he instituted a Faith-based advisory board, which he has promised to bring to the county.

However, as The Miami New Times points out, Robaina has flip-flopped on some of these social issues. The New Times reports that “an earlier voters guide from Equality Florida had listed Robaina as in favor of domestic partnership and some protections for the GLBT community.”

Robaina’s opponent in the race, Carlos Gimenez, is ahead of Robaina in the polls, so far. Gimenez, in contrast, has “refused to respond to many of the CFC’s questions”:

He did not answer questions about gay marriage and refused to sign a pledge promising to defund the Cultural Arts Council. Gimenez has already picked up endorsements from many gay groups, including Save Dade, though the CFC has characterized these groups as “anti-marriage, extremist homosexual hate groups.”

The run-off election will be June 28.

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