The Associated Press is reporting that both the White House and challengers of 2010′s health care reform law are filing legal papers quickly in the hopes of getting a hearing with the Supreme Court in late March.

Via the AP:

Parties in a high court case rarely submit legal briefs before their deadline, and often ask for extensions. But this week, the Obama administration, the 26 states that have joined in opposition to the law and the association of small businesses that also wants the law struck down filed their briefs more than a week before they were due.

Having the case argued in March, instead of April, would give the justices an extra month to write their opinions in what is expected to be the most significant Supreme Court case in recent years.

Florida is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act and is among a handful of states that has turned away federal public health care dollars that are set aside for the implementation of the law.

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