The Florida AIDS Drug Assistance Program, commonly referred to as ADAP, is $16 million short of being able to serve all of its current clients until April 1, 2011, according to the Florida Department of Health. Florida also has the largest ADAP patient waiting list in the country as well as the highest rate of new HIV infections in the nation. #

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, along with the ADAP Advocacy Association, is hosting an emergency summit on the last weekend of this month in Fort Lauderdale to help find solutions to the state’s ADAP funding crisis. #

in 2008, HIV was still the leading cause of death among black females ages 25-44. It is 2nd for black males, 4th and 9th for white males and females and 6th and 5th for Hispanic males and females, respectively, for individuals in the same age group. #

In 2009 alone, out of more than 395,000 people who were tested for HIV in Florida, more than 5,200 tested positive. #

FDOH HIV/AIDS fact sheet #

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