Over the weekend, The Florida Independent spoke with David Caulkett, founder and vice president of Floridians for Immigration Enforcement, FLIMEN, about activities they have planned for the days leading up to the Nov. 2 election.

Caulkett acknowledged that FLIMEN will be active today, but would not give us specifics. “Whatever I say, you’ll link it to something nasty,” Caulkett said.

The Florida Independent recently reported on FLIMEN’s endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Republican Rick Scott, as well as FLIMEN’s links to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, FAIR.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, cited by The Florida Independent, says FAIR “blames immigrants for crime, poverty, disease, urban sprawl and increasing racial tensions in America.”

“Any organization that uses the Southern Poverty Law Center as the basis of their reporting is wrong,” Caulkett said. “That organization is despicable. The SPLC rates everyone a racist. I define ‘racism’ as when you disagree with a liberal.”

“When I talk to the media I get paraphrased,” Caulkett said, adding that discussion of his group often doesn’t mention legal information and arguments.

“Your SPLC piece was a hit piece and that’s where I stand,” Caulkett said.

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