The average American family goes through a whopping 300 gallons of water per day. Much of that water heater problems is used while showering.

Whether you use more or less water while getting cleaned up, the water you do use shouldn’t be wasted due to water heater issues. After all, if the water spitting out of your shower is cold or smells, chances are, you’re going to let it run endlessly until the problem (hopefully) subsides.

If your water heater is underperforming and/or contributing to your soaring water bill, keep reading.

Here are 9 of the most common water heater problems

People face and touch on some solutions.

water heater problems
Water heater problems

You Don’t Get Any Hot Water

There are a few common water heater problems more disruptive than not getting any hot water at all. The cause of this issue will vary depending on if you’re using an electric or gas-powered heater and you have to know how does home inspection work.

For those using gas-powered water heater problems, no hot water is almost always a pilot issue. You may be able to re-light your heater’s pilot yourself (if it’s out) to remedy the problem.

If the pilot isn’t out or your heater is electric-powered, you’ll likely need professional assistance.

Hot Water Runs Out Quickly

If you’re getting hot water heater problems but it seems to run out quickly, your heater’s warming apparatus is working, just not very well. In this case, turning up the thermostat on your water heater may provide you with a larger basin of warmed water to use throughout the day.

Just be sure not to turn up the temperature too high as that could cause burns.

Water is Overheated

While some people need to turn their hot water knob up all the way to reach their desired temperature, others barely turn on their knob at all and are scalded by what comes out. For those in the latter camp, go to your water heater and turn down its thermostat.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, your heater could have a faulty thermostat which would need to be tended to by a professional.

Hot Water Pressure Is Low

Hot water pressure that feels below average can be caused by several potential issues for water heater problems. For starters, remove your shower head and make sure there’s no sediment or anything else blocking where water is flowing. If everything seems clear, your issue may be attributed to your pipes.

In general, houses have 1/2-inch galvanized piping which can hamper water pressure for individuals that like high-pressure showers. Calling in a professional to get larger pipes installed would remedy this issue, although, it would also raise your water bill.

Water Takes a Long Time to Heat Up

We’ve all waited at some point or another for our water to heat up before jumping in the shower. Fortunately, water heaters have gotten better about quickly heating water so less is wasted as people wait for comfortable temperatures.

If your water heater problems are behind the heating curve, you may need to turn up the temperature on your heater to get it warming faster. When that doesn’t work, calling in a professional to assess your water tank and burning apparatuses’ condition is your next best step.

There’s a Tint to Your Water

There’s nothing worse than hopping in the shower, turning on the hot water and seeing brown, red or even black water come out. The color of hot water you’re noticing is telling of what sort of problem your heater is experiencing.

For example, brown or red water may be a sign of rust buildup in your water tank which can be remedied by replacement or treatment. Here is a complete guide that will help you if you need a water heater replacement. Black water may be a sign of dirt build-up.

Hot Water Smells Bad

Thousands of people have experienced that dreaded rotten egg smell when they turn on their hot water. That smell almost always means that there is bacteria somewhere in your water which can make it dangerous to wash in and to consume.

To fix this problem, flush your water tank and soak it in hydrogen peroxide. After letting the solution sit for a couple of hours, clean your tank again and let your hot water run for 15 minutes.

If the water heater problems doesn’t go away or the smell is present in both hot and cold water, you’ll want to call in a professional as this would fall into a broader category of plumbing problems that need deeper assessment.

Your Tank Makes Loud Noises

Noises emanating from your hot water tank is almost always caused by sediments pooling at its bottom. A simple emptying of your hot water tank should fix this issue in water heater problems.

If that doesn’t do the trick, your heating apparatus could be at fault which you’ll need professional help to remedy.

There Is Water Pooling Around Your Tank

Water heater leaks generally spell doom. If you’re noticing water pooling around your unit, call in a professional to get your heater replaced.

A small water heater leak could cost you 60 gallons or so of water every day so don’t delay in getting this issue taken care of.

Most Common Water Heater Problems Are Best Tended to by Professionals

We all love a good DIY fix water heater problems but when it comes to shower safety and water conservation, sometimes, issues are best left to professionals. We hope that our rundown of common water heater problems have given you the context you need to know when it’s time to call in a pro versus when it’s time to break out your tool belt.

If you’d like additional information on all things home improvement, take a moment to check out more of the outstanding write-ups we publish in our blog every week!

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