Cannabis use has been controversial for quite some time. Parents, teachers, and leaders have been afraid of this forbidden fruit like substance for years. The dreaded words “getting high,” have been muttered between friends and siblings and it nearly sets off sirens when parents overhear them. And honestly, CBD oil might just be breaking down that strange, yet understandable stigma due to lack of knowledge. 

CBD oil, short for Cannabidiol is one of the 13 phytocannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It accounts for 40 percent of the plant’s extract. In simpler terms, it means that the part of the plant that gets you “high,” is no longer an ingredient in this new (recently discovered) relaxant.

So now, instead of “getting high” and sending your parents into a frenzy over what “being high” really entails, you can just add a few drops to your coffee or tea, while it’s healthy for you. To provide more clarity on the topic, below are five reasons why CBD Oil is the best thing since sliced bread. 

1.       Pain Reliever

The CBD extract from the Cannabis plant has been widely known to relieve pain. Marijuana has been used as a pain reliever as far back as 2900 B.C. However, only recently has it been discovered that along with some other parts of the plant, CBD is responsible for this remedy. 

There have been several studies on CBD since it has been discovered as a pain reliever. In a Healthcare Weekly article, one of these studies was applauded for its ability to prove the wonders of this oil. The article highlights how this early study gave a certain dosage of CBD to 8 people suffering from epilepsy and explains how incredible the results were. 

2.       Might Help Fight Cancer 

Through years and years of cancer research, there seems to be only so much that can be done to combat it. There have been ways to postpone, prevent, and sometimes cure it, but there is no definitive cure. Yet, the more discoveries the better. Now, some researchers have discovered that CBD might prove to combat cancer differently.

In most studies, CBD was seen as a cancer cell suppressor as it stopped the growth of cancerous cells. In a recent study that used CBD as a treatment on a lung cancer patient, the results proved to indicate that it may cause immensely positive changes in those suffering from cancer. 

Even if CBD only helps combat cancer in the slightest of ways (although it has proved to help tremendously), the substance is set to contribute to treating this major disease. 

3.       Acne treatment 

Pimples are the worst. They can tear down all of the confidence that you’ve ever had in yourself. Some people even say that acne affects their confidence socially and makes them feel worse emotionally. 

This is where CBD oil comes in. CBD oil can act as an anti-inflammatory reactor, and acne is indeed an inflammatory condition. On Cool Thing’s Chicago, they discuss the possible healing effects CBD oil can have on acne. 

This is still in its test phase, but through research, there seems to be a good chance that it will be more effective. 

4.       Quit Smoking 

CBD oils might help smokers quit. There has been a considerable amount of research on CBD oils and their connection to smoking, along with many studies that have led to the understanding that it works effectively.

In a Medical Research Article on the effects of CBD on nicotine addiction, it discusses a blind study done on 24 smokers. Those treated with CBD oils smoked 40% less than their usual amount. After these tests were done, some of the participants smoked considerably less, even without any later treatment to it. This data suggests that CBD might also help with nicotine addiction long term. 

CBD and its connection to nicotine addiction are fascinating. The results that came from this study and several others prove that CBD might be changing lives forever. 

5.       Fights Insomnia 

Insomnia has been one of the most difficult disorders for scientists and doctors to figure out. Many have disagreed on ways to treat it. Around 60 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders each year. That number is staggering, and insomnia remains a mystery. 

CBD oil seems to help sleeplessness remarkably. Those who have suffered through any type of sleeping disorder know that it can be debilitating and unbearable. In a recent Harvard Medical School Study on CBD oils, it mentions the miracles that CBD can do for those who suffer from insomnia. Not only does it help with falling asleep, but also staying asleep through the night, which is one of the main pain points to treat for Insomnia. 

Using CBD oil as a way to fall asleep might just be the best and most natural way to fight insomnia. It has proven to work wonders and it may be the next widely used cure for sleep disorders all over the world. 

CBD oil is trending, and it seems to be everywhere. An article in  PennToday lists all of the industries in which CBD is making a mark. Some CBD infused products in the market include bath bombs, teas, body lotions, coffee, and salsa. 

With continuing research, there seems to be a good chance that CBD can change lives and be effective in both short term and long term use. Through a lot of integrated studies, there have been outstanding results for CBD treatment. 

Do your research and consult a medical professional before using CBD to treat any major medical condition. CBD oil is making its impact on the world today, acting as a natural remedy to treat a multitude of human problems. For all of the reasons listed above, we can derive that CBD oil is the best thing since sliced bread.

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