Are you in need of home repair? Perhaps you’ve wanted to fix something for quite some time now and you’ve finally got the funds to do it? Maybe there is a nagging problem that you simply haven’t had the time to remedy the situation even if you don’t have TotalProtect Home Warranty. Here are some tips to help you out.

Make a List Check it Twice

The first thing you should do is thoroughly inspect your home. This will provide an assessment of exactly what needs to be done and give you an overview or timetable. You can bring in a home inspection officer so you will get a professional assessment as well. After that, it’s time to make your list of what needs to be fixed and also what is the highest priority.  

Decisions, Decisions

Now you need to decide if you want to Do It Yourself or hire a professional to perform the repairs. You may find it the most practical to hire a pro to do the more intricate jobs and you can take care of the basics. Redesigning a room, fixing up the garden, minor landscaping fixes, and painting. You can hire a professional for bigger jobs and utilize your budget wisely.

Check Your Insurance

You need to find out if your homeowners’ insurance covers repairs and accidents. Don’t forget to check if they cover garden areas or not too. You should also keep in mind that most banks don’t provide loans for home repair, however, if you have great credit you should be able to get a loan if you need it.


If you happen to choose to hire a professional to rebuild or remodel your home you’ll want to consult your real estate attorney. Checking with home improvement firms and homebuilders as well as your real estate attorney is prudent and will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Your real estate attorney can hammer out the terms and conditions of the job they’ll be doing.  This will give you peace of mind and you’ll know exactly what to expect as well.

What Not To Do

First, you can’t ever hire workers outside of the zone or territory builders. This is illegal. Don’t forget to check the companies history and don’t allow any work done outside of a contract. Do not try to do any plumbing, brickwork, roof repair, gas lines, or wiring on your own. These tasks all require professional help. If you’re repairing an electric geyser or installing a fireplace for instance, not handling the cable wires properly can cause major problems.  

Don’t sign anything without thoroughly checking the documents. Don’t forget to come up with a detailed plan for the job at hand. Planning will reduce wasted time and money. It will also ensure the job is done properly and everything that needs to get done will get done.
Having repairs done to your home can be quite daunting however, taking these simple steps can help a great deal and make sure you’re happy in the end.

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