Did you know that in the US, only 20% of people are doing an adequate amount of cardio? It’s true.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when trying to decide which workout you should do? From pilates to yoga to weight lifting, there are so many different ways you can live your best fitness life.

Crossfit is one of the most progressive and popular workouts out there, and for good reason. Continue reading for five key reasons why you should try Crossfit in your workout routine today.

1. Mobility and Energy

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Crossfit is a strength and conditioning workout that incorporates high-intensity interval training meant to challenge and push your mind and body. Some of the moves you’ll do in your workout are actual movements you make in your day-to-day life.

By strengthening these movements in your Crossfit workout, you’ll start to notice changes in your mobility outside of the Crossfit gym. You’ll be able to squat down, sit, and stand up easier and quicker.

Pushing your muscles and body during these workouts will also increase your energy outside of the Crossfit gym. This increased energy will help you run around with your kids, stay out later with friends, and get a great night’s sleep.

2. Seeing Results

When you put hard work into something you want to see results. Whether you’re looking to increase muscle, lose weight, or tone your body, Crossfit is a great way to actually reach the fitness goals you set for yourself.

In Crossfit, you can tangibly measure your progress. When you begin, you may be able to complete five push-ups, but as long as you stay committed and consistent, you’ll start to notice changes in your body and strength. Eventually, you’ll see an increase in your capabilities and see that you can complete 20, 30, 40 push-ups, and more!

3. Mental Health

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Crossfit is a great way to see changes in your body, but it’s also a way to better your own mental health. Researchers have found that regular exercise helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and negative mood. It can also help improve self-esteem and cognitive function.

Implementing a challenging workout like Crossfit will help increase your mental toughness and help you see how strong you actually are.

4. Community

Have a Workout Buddy

There are lots of workouts that can be done on your own at home or at the gym. However, Crossfit classes are known to incorporate culture and build a community among their members.

One great example of that is the Murph workout. Hundreds of Crossfit members around the world come together to do this particularly challenging workout to honor servicemen and women. Inspired by a Navy Seal, this workout brings together a community that strives to inspire and motivate people around the globe.

Joining a Crossfit gym will not only give you the results you want, but you’ll also make new friends and build a strong community.

5. It’s Fun

Crossfit is known for being challenging, but that’s all part of the fun! Exercise should be fun, and Crossfit is no different. Not only will you enjoy the workouts, but you’ll also love the changes to your mind and body, and the community you build.

Fitness Life

There are so many ways to live your best fitness life. With a workout like Crossfit, you’ll see improvements in not only your fitness goals but also in your everyday routine.

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