It is estimated that up to 40 million children get involved in sports every year!

It’s not surprising since many parents are aware that sports assist children with keeping physically fit and in good health. Best of all, it is fun.

However, even with so many children getting involved in sports far too many use their free time only for watching videos on tablets or playing video games.

In order to get your child moving, so that they can be healthy you need to seriously consider getting them involved in some sporting activities. You may be wondering what your best options are. Here are four different types of sports to consider.

1. Soccer

Soccer is great for helping your child to learn balance because it involves juggling the ball while trying to find teammates to pass the ball to. This kind of maneuvering teaches kids a lot of dexterity.

The constant running that takes place during the sport is great for your child’s cardiovascular health and it helps them to have physical endurance.

However, there are some hazards involved in the sport because it is a contact sport. If you don’t have insurance for your family you might want to contact an insurance broker to see how you can get extra coverage for injuries or even if they offer sports insurance.

2. Cheerleading

If you are a fan of the β€œBring it On” movies then cheerleading is the sport for your kids! You will never get bored shuttling then to and from practice.

Cheerleading is one of those sports that improve physical stamina and tones the body. It also teaches kids how to do teamwork because when one participant is not in sync it can throw off the entire routine.

Kids learn the value of partnership while having fun and competing in tournaments. Since this is not a traditional sport especially for boys, go on the internet and watch videos with them to find out if it is something your child would be interested in.

3. Basketball

Basketball is actually one of the least dangerous sports for kids. It’s also one of the most fun for them as well. The basic moves of the game which involve quick passes and a lot of dribbling will teach young children hand-eye coordination.

Which comes in very handy when they need to write and draw. There is some contact involved in the sport so elbowing and hamstring sprains can happen but it is still a great way to get kids away from their latest gadgets and outside in the fresh air.

4. Baseball

Many girls and boys want to be baseball players when they grow up and its good for them to start practicing very early. Whether or not they make it to a professional level they will get valuable hand-eye coordination skills along with physical strength and stamina.

Injuries may come but they are mainly hamstring pulls or minor injuries to the elbow.

Final Thoughts on Different Types of Sports

There are many different types of sports to choose from, some of the best ones have been discussed. However, before choosing a sport make sure that your child is truly interested in it.

It’s easy as a parent to get caught up in what you would like to see them doing and forget that they should have a say. Once you get their co-operation you will have the happy job of shuttling them from one practice to the next.

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