Want to spend more time outside, where the sunshine, fresh air, and views of nature boost your mental and physical health? Want to be in, on, or near water, which helps to lower stress?

Then it’s time to pick up an activity like fishing. Nothing beats going fishing, either by yourself, with your kids, or with your buddies.

To spend a few hours looking at a lake, river, or ocean will never feel like wasted time, especially if you come home with a fresh dinner.

If you’re new to fishing, then you can reference our fishing gear checklist below for tips on getting started. There are many different types of fishing, and the fishing essentials for each will be a little different.

But for those new to the sport, this list is likely everything you need to get started today.

Accessing Fish

Accessing Fish

Want to plan the best fishing trip? Then you’re going to need to figure out how to reach the fish you want to catch.

Much of the time, this means getting off the shore and the dock and heading out into the water. Since you’re a new fisherman, it doesn’t make sense to buy a big boat.

Rather, you can start small with a fishing kayak or inflatable fishing boat. They are portable enough to transport without a big truck or trailer. And you can reach fish in almost any water while getting some exercise too.

If fishing from a kayak or raft, get a kayak anchor, as well. Lighter boats get pushed around by the wind and current easily. You’ll also need a paddle, a personal floating device (PFD), and UV protective clothing to protect your skin from direct sun.

Catching Fish

Deep Sea Fishing

The fishing industry is full of ways to catch fish. Conventional rods are available if you prefer the ease of a spinning rod. You can use these with live bait or artificial lures. Pick up a rod and reel combo to save money.

And get a tackle box as well to carry all the lures and hooks you are likely to purchase over time.

Fly fishing is also loads of fun. You can also get a rod and reel combo to save money. You’ll need a few different types of lines to fill your reel, from backing to a floating line, and a leader and tippet.

Once you choose your rod setup, pick up a net as well, to make landing fish simple. Needle nose pliers help remove hooks from the fish. And nippers make it easy to cut excess line.

Keeping Fish

What Types Of Fish Can You Catch

Lots of people prefer to release their catch. But keeping some fish for the dinner table makes this hobby much more rewarding.

Pick up a soft cooler that’s easy to carry around or put in your kayak. When you catch a fish large enough to keep, you can cut the gills, bleed the fish, and stick it in the cooler on a bag of ice.

Before catching a fish, your cooler can keep your drinks cold and double as a lunchbox.

Checking Off Your Fishing Gear Checklist

This fishing gear checklist is a good starting point. Everything on here will help you get out, find fish, and catch fish.

As you spend more time fishing, you’ll figure out specific things to add to make fishing easier and more enjoyable for you. With such a big industry, there are tons of other things you can spend money on.

Looking for more tips like this? Head over to our blog now to keep reading.

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