New moms often wonder if they are doing enough for their beautiful baby. Moms and dads instinctively know what to do in most situations, such as changing diapers or feeding the child. However, certain things concern parents. Many new moms ask how they can best bond with their child. There are numerous things parents can do to establish this connection, and the following are a few you can try today.

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Feeding Time

There is nothing better than breastfeeding when it comes to bonding with your baby. The infant snuggles with you as they nurse. They smell you, hear your heartbeat, and are comforted by the skin-to-skin contact. When it’s time to give them a bottle, be sure to make eye contact with them, as this helps them remember you and how important they are in your life.

Make sure dad does the same when feeding the baby a bottle, as this allows the baby to bond with both parents. Although the hope is that the two of you will stay together and raise this child before sending them off into the world, there may come a time when lawyers become involved as your relationship has deteriorated, and children do best when they have a relationship with both parents.

Talk to Your Baby

Talk to your baby whenever they are awake. Not only will this help you to bond with them, but it will also give them a head start in school. There is no need to use baby talk, as children learn from what they hear. Use words that you would use when speaking to older children or adults and they will remember them when they get older.

Young children don’t realize mom is still there when they can no longer see her. Their brain isn’t developed enough yet to understand that simply because mom is out of sight doesn’t mean she is gone. Talking to the child reassures the baby and reduces their fear, so be sure to speak often to your child to build the bond between the two of you.

Wear the Baby

Moms (and dads) should wear the baby as much as possible. The infant just spent nine months in constant contact with mom inside her belly. This connection is broken when the child comes into the world, and babywearing helps to recreate the feeling the infant obtained in the womb. Infants love the motion they experience when they are worn in a sling or other carrier, and babies with colic often calm when they are carried in this way.

The child isn’t the only one who benefits, however. Parents find they accomplish more when they keep the baby with them in a carrier. This frees the hands for other tasks, such as laundry or meal prep. However, don’t wear the baby when working around a hot stove or carrying prepared foods. Burns can and do happen, so it’s best to set the baby down while completing these tasks.

Make Your Marriage a Priority

Children do best when both parents are in the home. The demands of a newborn often lead new moms and dads to ignore each other or put their relationship on the back burner. Don’t make this mistake. Find ways to connect with each other, even if it means ordering pizza for dinner one night or hiring a babysitter to watch the infant while you go out for a drive.

Don’t hesitate to show your spouse affection around the baby, as they need to see mommy and daddy love each other. Do this from the day the infant comes home. Parents often put this to the side and then never regain the easy affection before children came into the picture.

Babies require a lot of attention because they can’t do anything on their own. However, as the child gets older, they no longer need to be the sole focus. Make certain you give your spouse attention too. In order to feel secure, kids need to know both parents will be there for them. When you strengthen your marriage, you give them this sense of security which benefits their relationship with you as well.

Baby Massage

Massage your baby every day to bond with them. Massage offers numerous benefits for the baby. They will sleep better, symptoms of colic decrease with regular massage, and it may even boost the baby’s immune system. Intellectual development and motor skills appear to improve as well when a baby receives regular massages.

Bonding is of great importance to the relationship between a parent and a child. These are only a few of the many ways a parent can achieve this goal, and there are numerous others. Read to the child, give them your complete attention, and play with them whenever possible. Make this a priority today. When you do so, you’ll find you establish a deeper relationship with the child, one that will continue as they grow and mature. No parent can ask for more than this.

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