It’s estimated that unintentional shootings cause 430 deaths in the U.S. each year. Due to these shocking statistics, it’s clear that you need to know and practice firearm safety if you are a firearm owner.

The good news is when you are well-versed in weapon safety, you can prevent accidents while protecting yourself and your home. Keep reading for a few essential rules for firearm safety.

1. Keep the Muzzle Pointed Away from People

The most basic gun safety tips are to make sure the muzzle is never pointed at something you don’t plan to shoot.

While some rules only apply to certain types of guns, this one is universal. No matter what type of gun you own, you need to ensure the muzzle is always pointed in a safe direction.

2. Keep Your Gun Unloaded When Not in Use

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You should only have your gun loaded if you are at the shooting area, target range, or in the field and ready to shoot. When the gun isn’t being used, be sure to store your ammunition and firearms in a safe location.

Also, store guns and ammo in different locations. It’s up to you to make sure children or other unauthorized people cannot access your gun or ammo.

3. Don’t Over-Rely on the Gun’s Safety

You should treat every gun like it could fire at any time. The “safety” on your gun is a mechanical device.

Just like any other mechanical device, it can fail at any time. It should also be viewed as a supplement to safe gun handling.

4. Know Your Target and What Lies Beyond It

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Once your gun is fired, you no longer have control of where the shot will go or what it will hit. You should never shoot unless you know where the shot will go.

Make sure the bullet won’t injure anything or anyone past your target. Trying to fire at a noise or movement without being sure of what you are shooting out shows you don’t value others’ safety.

Before pulling the trigger, you can take time to make sure you know your target and what will stop your shot.

5. Use the Right Ammo

Some issues arise when a gun owner doesn’t use the right ammo. Part of safety for firearms is knowing what ammo to use for each gun you have.

If you don’t use the right ammo, it can cause a personal injury, destroy the gun, or even harm someone nearby.

Now You Know Basic Firearm Safety

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If you own a gun, it’s up to you to follow the firearm safety tips found above. These will help you stay safe and ensure those around you aren’t unintentionally harmed.

Enrolling in a gun safety course may be beneficial if you are a new gun owner.

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