In a world where online shopping has become more popular than ever, we have to admit that is quite hard to survive the competition. Everyone wants to be visible because everyone wants to sell. But are all the brands ready to deliver the best online experience? At least if we refer to fashion brands, the public image has become crucial. People are attracted to beautiful and inspiring photos. They want to buy clothes and jewelry with a story they can relate to.Β 

That’s why a brand with a strong presence on social networks, Instagram in particular, will always be more appreciated. It’s not enough to have great products; your online activity is comparable to the offline one. Who wants to buy from a physical store that looks old and shabby? Paradoxical, not all brands seem to have yet acquired the same level of mastery of the new rules in e-commerce.Β 

Balisarda – a brand who gained over 50k followers in less than a year

Fine jewelry with over 50k Instagram followers in less than a year

By nature, Instagram is the business card for any fashion brand to whom the visual and the relationship with its clients is very important. Balisarda is a luxury jewelry brand that understood this connection. Not only do Balisarda create amazing semi-precious stone bracelet designs, but the story behind the business is worth a follow. Maybe not all the followers purchase the products, but they feel linked to the idea of belonging to a group of people that appreciate sophistication and good taste. And this is how the brand gained over 50k Instagram followers in less than a year.Β 

Great pictures – the key to success

All the Balisarda semi-precious stone bracelet designs are unique. The gemstones are imported from Africa and Asia and processed in Vietnam. After being polished to perfection, they are sent to the personal studios, where the designers plan the gemstone combinations. They invest passion and great skills to create some of the most loved beaded bracelets of the moment. And they make sure their Instagram feed looks amazing. Their profile exhales a minimalist vibe and all the photos are personal. On a market where a lot of online stores use photos that don’t reflect the reality, this is huge. Unfortunately, online shopping may be a challenge these days. It has its advantages but comes with a lot of minuses. How can you tell the product you order is the one you see in pictures?Β Like any other brand that respects its products, Balisarda succeeded in satisfying its clients. It’s not only about semi-precious stone bracelet designs, but a mood and a story. The brand is posting complementary content, creating a feast for the eyes. This is how you can reach millennials. If you want to survive the new marketing rules, brands have to find the right response to the needs of the new waves of consumers. Today is all about a two-way dialogue with the brand, as opposed to the previous generations, which was more producer-driven. The emphasis is put on use rather than possession and this is proof that the image has great power.

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