College is a time of freedom and experimentation. You’ll get the most out of your college experience by finding your niche or where you fit in the grand scheme of things while there.

Explore Your Talents and Interests

Explore your talents and interests in both your academic work and extracurricular activities. Pick a few of your interests and search for activities outside of the classroom. They’ll let you get hands-on experience so you can determine if that’s what you want to pursue. You might go in thinking you want to go to law school after your undergraduate career only to discover that what you truly want to do is attend graduate nursing school in Miami.

Find a Job On Campus

An on-campus job is conveniently located, but can also help you network and make personal and professional connections. You’ll get acquainted with other staff and faculty who may be able to offer you valuable resources and connections.

Sit with People at the Dining Hall

Eating alone doesn’t accomplish anything. You never know who you’ll meet if you just sit down with a stranger one day. Reach out and be friendly to someone who is also sitting alone but doesn’t appear to be busy. The conversation might lead you on a path you didn’t know was available or reaffirm your decision to follow your interests.

Join a Sport

Sports give you something to do, help you stay in shape, and give you the opportunity to network with more people. Intramural sports are an option if you aren’t athletic enough for the competitive team. There are other roles you can pursue with sports such as supporting fundraising efforts or participating in a spirit league.

Know Your Professors

An academic advisor can help guide you on your path, but it helps to have more support in your corner. Professors in your department can help teach you valuable skills for the field and offer networking connections that will help when you head out into the professional world.

Get Involved in Student Government

Get involved in a student government organization to showcase your leadership skills and give yourself another opportunity to meet people from all areas of your university. As a member of student government, you’ll be put in situations where you need to interact with strangers and explore beyond your circle.

Take advantage of all the opportunities you have while in college. Time is valuable and you’ll want to discover your niche sooner rather than later for the maximum benefits.

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