With baseball season in full swing (no pun intended) millions of fans are preparing their stomachs for stadium hot dogs and nachos while watching their favorite teams play ball.

Baseball games are a great outing for any occasion, from a family get-together, a day with the guys, or even a date.

Unfortunately, baseball games aren’t getting any cheaper. If you’re a fan of a successful team, such as the champion Astros, tickets will undoubtedly be very expensive this year. Luckily, attending a fun baseball game doesn’t have to break the bank.

Read on to find out some tips on how to find cheap baseball tickets for any team that you call yourself a fan of!

1. Brave the Elements

If you’re the type of person that tries to look for the silver lining in any situation, this may be the good news you’ve been looking for in response to all of the intense weather we’ve been seeing. Especially during April and May showers, the weather can have an instant impact on ticket prices.

Very few fans will want to weather any storm over a 162 game season. Season ticket holders, especially, are much less likely to attend games that have been hit by the inclement weather. If you’re looking to secure cheap baseball tickets, check the weather forecasts and get on those ticket resale websites.

Of course, this does subject you to worse weather when watching your favorite team. As any true fan knows, though, this won’t change your experience one bit! So get that poncho ready and have a blast.

2. Look Into the Midweek

Unfortunately, baseball season doesn’t have any impact on our work schedule, even though we wish it did. That does mean that most people’s Monday-Friday 9-5 work schedule will stay as usual. If you have a work schedule that doesn’t follow that pattern, though, this next tip is for you.

Going to a baseball game in the middle of the workday is the ideal time for someone looking to save money. Many families that buy season tickets, in fact, will sell these tickets in bulk.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are probably your best bets for cheap baseball tickets, while Fridays and Saturdays should be avoided at all costs.

If you have a normal work week but are still looking to get a cheap baseball game in, consider taking a day off work. Baseball can be a terrific way to pass the time in a more relaxing environment.

3. Avoid the Big Names

While games against the Red Sox and Yankees may seem like a great time, the prices for those games will also have their costs skyrocket. Those teams tend to travel very well because they have so many fans throughout the country, so avoiding those games may be the key to cheap tickets.

Another game you may, unfortunately, want to avoid is big-time rivalries. Fans want to attend these games in droves as they usually breed drama and chaos. If you’re a Cubs fan, St. Louis Cardinals tickets will be very expensive and difficult to come by.

The last type of game you may want to stay away from is the one against a title contender.

Though it may be impossible to determine who is going to be competing in October at this point, keep track of who is doing well, as the tickets for those game will usually be more expensive.

Check for more info on playoff and in-game betting odds for each team.

4. Look Into Buying Tickets Day-Of

While resale tickets are a great, modern way of getting tickets to see your favorite team in action, going a more traditional route may be the best strategy. While it may seem intimidating, going straight to the stadium box office is a great way of getting cheap baseball tickets, and truly living the experience.

Online resale websites like StubHub or Ticketmaster also offer day-of sales. Usually, these sales will be much cheaper if you buy hours before the game. In fact, some of these websites are offering sales up until the first pitch, so that may be a good strategy to use for an impromptu adventure.

Impromptu ticket purchases are not only great for a cheaper ticket, they are also great as a way to add on to a day. There is nothing better than a last-second baseball trip for a family of baseball fans. You may even want to include it as a backup option when going away on a summer family vacation.

5. Befriend a Season Ticket Holder

Whether you know one already or are looking to find a fellow fan of your favorite team, season ticket holders are a great resource to have when looking for cheap tickets. Whether these season ticket holders have 30, 50, or 81 game packages, they can all present you with good opportunities for some cheap baseball tickets.

For one, season ticket holders usually buy multiple tickets, either for family members or specific friends, that can’t always be used. In this case, they will be looking for a fellow fan to enjoy the game with them, and at what is likely to be a low cost. This is an ideal situation for getting low-cost tickets.

On top of that, season ticket holders will usually offer unusable tickets to their friends or families before offering them to ticket resale websites. Even if you buy these tickets at face value, you will save significantly on processing fees and other inconveniences.

When it comes to baseball season, a season ticket holder may be the best friend you have.

Are You Ready to Find Cheap Baseball Tickets?

When you combine all of these factors together, from inclement weather to a midweek game, to buying tickets from a friend, you’re in for a very cheap, great time. If you’re a superfan in a budget crunch, there should be nothing stopping you from finding cheap tickets to your team’s games.

For more articles on life tips just like this one, be sure to visit our website. We hope you’re ready to enjoy a great baseball season!

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