Finding your way when a loved one is arrested can be stressful. Do not panic. You need to access the resources available to reduce uncertainty.

Use a prison finder service, a local attorney directory, and seek out family members to build a support system.

When Should You See an Attorney in Florida?

These are some of the handful reasons for which you’d be needing an attorney in Florida:

  •       When you have a tax problem or a query regarding it.
  •       If you’re arrested or charged with a crime.
  •       Before organizing a business.
  •       Setting up bails or if your family member has been arrested.
  •       Before buying/selling real estate.
  •       Before making a will or planning your estate.
  •       When you meet with an accident and need to press charges for insurance claims.
  •       For legal advice.

Why Is It Necessary to Have an Attorney in Florida?

Florida’s tax policy is one of the most contentious in the US and forces lower-income residents to pay a disproportionately higher taxes as compared to upper-income groups. Florida just so happens to be one of the nine states in the US that doesn’t tax personal income.

Also, there very few who practice law as a solo venture, those who do, are either occupied with a long waiting time or their fees could burn a hole in your pocket.

What Types of Attorney Can You Find in Florida?

There are more than 85,000 licensed attorneys practicing law in the state. There are different attorneys with their own niche in a particular field.

If you’ve just started a new business and want to legalize it, hire a business attorney or a chartered attorney. Just met with an accident and want to press charges? A personal injury lawyer will be best suited.

You can find attorneys according to the following categories:

  1.   Family Attorney
  2.   Criminal Attorney
  3.   Employment Attorney
  4.   Real Estate Attorney
  5.   Personal Injury Attorney
  6.   Wills, Trusts, and Estates Attorney
  7.   Immigration Attorney
  8.   Bankruptcy & Finances Attorney
  9.   Business Attorney
  10. Intellectual Property Attorney
  11. Government Attorney
  12. Products & Services Lawyers

How Can You Find an Attorney in Florida?

1. The Florida Bar Lawyer Directory

The Florida Bar Lawyer Directory helps you find a lawyer by their licensed bar number. In case you’re unaware of any good lawyers, you can find one by adjusting the search criteria- first name, last name, city, and law firm.

2. Florida Bar Website

The Florida Bar website also has a built-in tool called ‘Find a Lawyer’ which displays the attorney’s name, address, bar number and areas of practice once you hit “search”.

3. Recommendations

If anyone has already hired an attorney previously and he/she was able to successfully resolve the problem, then word of mouth and written recommendations can be very useful.

How Do I Choose from The Selected Attorneys?

Choosing an attorney is a very crucial decision as you have to be comfortable with them both professionally and personally. These steps can help you find the right match if you’ve never hired a lawyer before:

  •       Compile a list of lawyers based on qualifications.
  •       Make phone calls to these lawyers and their offices as a ‘follow-up’ research.
  •       Visit a few attorneys you have short-listed so far.
  •       Consider an attorney’s reputation, recommendations, and any other opinion that matters.
  •       Check whether the attorney has a disciplined history or not- Click on 10-year discipline history button on the website.
  •       Hire an attorney with your own money of you’re not liable to receive a prepaid legal service.

In Summary

Finding an attorney and choosing one is nothing short of chopping the mountain with the side of your palm. But our guide provides you with all the ammunition you’d need!

Follow all these tips, suggestions and pointers for a smooth sail in your journey to find a suitable attorney. We’re sure you will not face any problem, as long as you stick close to the shores!

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