Over 50 million Americans live with chronic pain. Millions more—if not everyone—will experience some type of serious and debilitating pain at some point in their lives. 

But sometimes prescription medication and doctors visits aren’t enough to combat the pain. At this point, many people might be resigned to living with it for the rest of their lives.

But visiting a chiropractor can reduce their pain and give them their bodies back. 


Here are nine compelling reasons to see a chiropractor as soon as possible. 

1. Treats the Root of Your Pain, Not the Symptoms 

Chiropractic care doesn’t just help you manage your pain. It treats the root of the problem and provides long-term pain relief. 

For example, a recent study compares the effects of prescribed medication and chiropractic care.

In this study, only 56% of patients who received prescribed medication from a doctor saw a 30% reduction in lower back pain over the course of four weeks. However, 94% of patients who received chiropractic care saw a 30% reduction in lower back pain over the course of four weeks. 

In other words, chiropractic care provides better pain relief than prescription medication for most people. 

2. Helps Relieve Chronic Pain

Since chiropractic care addresses the root of the problem, it can be a beneficial treatment option for people living with chronic pain, such as arthritis. 

Your chiropractor will find the source of things like inflammation and muscle tension, which—in some cases—might not be in the same spot as your pain. In fact, chiropractic care can provide more effective treatment for people struggling with long-term conditions than traditional pain clinics. 

3. Gives an Alternative to Pain Meds

Sometimes taking pain medication to manage your symptoms isn’t an option. Others may be trying to stay away from strong pain medications altogether. 

Chiropractic care gives you a way to do that. 

Since your chiropractor will treat the cause of your pain, any discomfort you feel will begin to fade.

But don’t expect immediate relief. While you might feel a reduction in pain right away (most people do), it can take several sessions to make a significant difference in your pain level. So trust your chiropractor and be patient. 

4. Makes Pregnancy More Manageable 

A woman’s body goes through a lot of change during pregnancy. This change can put stress on different parts of the body, which can lead to discomfort or pain in some areas. 

However, the types of pain medications a woman can take during this time are limited. Seeing a chiropractor is a natural and effective way to treat these problems without pills. 

And don’t worry, chiropractic treatment is safe for both mom and baby

5. Relieves Migraines and Headaches 

Getting a small headache every once in a while might not seem like a big issue, but if headaches occur often enough—and if they’re bad enough—they can negatively impact the quality of a person’s life. 

Visiting with your chiropractor can actually relieve headaches and even migraines. And it doesn’t just make them go away once. Chiropractic care can reduce the number of headaches and migraines you get long-term. 

6. Helps Eliminate Fatigue 

About one out of every three Americans don’t get enough sleep. If you’re part of this group, making an appointment with your chiropractor can help. 

Chiropractic treatment improves the blood flow in your body. This, in turn, can lead to a better night’s sleep. 

On top of that, dealing with constant pain can take a lot out of you. As you start going through treatment and your pain lessens, you can also find yourself with more energy. 

7. Reduces Your Stress

If your body is out of aliment, it can put stress and strain on different parts of your body. This can eventually lead to more pain. Getting adjusted by a chiropractor relives that stress, which will also help relieve your discomfort. 

But living with pain isn’t just physically stressful. It can be mentally stressful as well. 

With reduced pain, better sleep, and more energy, you can start to see your stress levels going down. 

8. Keeps You out of the Doctor’s Office

With all the benefits of going to the chiropractor we’ve listed so far, you might already understand why this type of treatment can keep you out of the doctor’s office. 

But chiropractic care can also boost your immune system. This means your entire body stays healthier. 

On top of that, you might even be able to save some money by staying out of the doctor’s office. If you’re not sure how to make the switch between your doctor and a chiropractor, you can start by checking out this chiropractor

9. Prevents Surgeries 

Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to avoid surgery by going to the chiropractor instead. This means you also avoid all the risks associated with surgery. 

Instead of a long recovery time and, in some cases, extensive physical therapy, you can schedule a few appointments with a chiropractor. 

This doesn’t work for everyone, but for some people, chiropractic treatment provides a safer, easier, and more comfortable alternative to surgery. 

Body-Saving Reasons to See a Chiropractor 

There are numerous reasons to see a chiropractor. The most important of those reasons is that it will relieve your pain and give you your body back. Instead of living everyday with pain, you can get back to doing what’s important to you. 

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