The saying “Time is Money” has been around for years and the reason for that is because it’s true and always pertinent when it comes to running a business.  No matter what type of business you are running saving time saves you money. It’s that simple. The saying is also true when you are planning offshore projects using FieldAP’s key features within its cloud-based software.  

The FieldAP software basically brings everything together into one place and allows for immediate integration from the very beginning of your project.

According to Olav Sylthe, the Chief Technology Officer of FutureOn, FieldAP (Field Activity Planner) could be used with other things like flow assurance simulation software.  The equipment in the FieldAP software along with the construction asset metadata which is integrated into the FieldAP environment allows for easy testing.  This can determine the best flow assurance scenario and the most cost-effective plan for each and every project. Sylthe also said that using the FieldAP also brings all the data into one centralized digital compartment helping customers view their assets from any vantage point while providing a meaningful collaboration.  This promotes prudent planning decisions Sylthe said.

FieldAP is the first true online collaboration tool to be used in the energy industry.  It will provide the ability for offshore managers to digitalize and visualize on field development while being able to collaborate.  This new tool will speed up timelines most notably during the FEED and concept phases.  What this adds up to are major cost savings over the entire course of a project.  The world’s biggest development and exploration companies are using the software and many others are preparing to implement it into their operations.  

By ssing FieldAP you can build up each project right from the start, instead of relying on old data being transferred from analog to digital.  Just think of the time that will save.  According to Sylthe, it starts with digital files, bathymetry files, cost data, equipment metadata, and a host of other types of data which are all necessary when you are planning a construction project.  Basically, all of your data from front to back is in one convenient place right at your fingertips. This will take away a lot of the guesswork that comes with planning a project and the operations of it.

The construction and services company Subsea 7 which serves the offshore energy industry out of London has just announced they are signing a collaboration deal with FutureOn to use the FieldAP software.  Subsea 7 operates worldwide in the petroleum market.

Additionally, FutureOn is in the process of developing more industry applications which collaborate technologies to improve the workflow processes and outcomes for each business.

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