Are you struggling to stay motivated during your workouts? You’re not alone. Staying on track can be a huge challenge even for experienced exercisers!

There are plenty of ways to keep yourself feeling active and ready to move. Some people enjoy changing up their routines when they get bored, finding new exercise styles, or listening to podcasts. Others, like us, prefer listening to our favorite music when we’re getting ready to work out.

We’re here to offer some advice about listening to music while you feel the burn. Keep reading to learn all about jamming out while you’re working out.

Match Your Exercise Style

Exercise Daily

When you’re trying to take advantage of the benefits of workout music, it’s important that you pick the right music for this specific workout. Not all workouts are alike!

We love having separate playlists for all of our different preferred workout activities. This allows us to pick and choose the right music for the occasion.

For example, will you want the same kind of music for a long run as you would for a heavy lifting session? Do you want to listen to music for yoga when you’re doing a dance workout?

Find the music that motivates you for each specific workout and set up your playlists to match.

Fast or Slow?

Fast or Slow

So what kind of music do you plan on using?

This relates to the previous point: matching your workout style. This also has to do with your personal preferences, however. Music that’s the right tempo for your workout won’t be helpful to you if it’s not music that you like.

When it comes to doing cardio, we love listening to fast-paced metal or rock music as well as traditional jock jams. Pick a tempo that matches the pace of your runs for a huge boost of motivation!

When it comes to slower activities like yoga or pilates, we prefer relaxing music that gets us into “the zone.”

Mixing It Up

When you’re making your playlists, try to include a variety of music types that still match your individual workouts. Mix up old and new music, tempos, and styles.

You want to be able to keep your brain guessing while you’re working out. This will make it easier for you to stay engaged and motivated.

We suggest finding workout stations on popular streaming apps. These will introduce you to new music that you may not have found before, and then you can add that music to your personal playlists.

Listen to Music While You Feel The Burn

Listen to Music While You Feel The Burn

Listening to some great music while you exercise will make it easier to stay motivated and engaged even when you start to get tired. You’ll feel the burn while jamming out to your favorite tunes!

If you’ve been feeling burnt out by your normal training routine, it’s time to start assembling a great workout playlist today.

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