Tallahassee Regional Airport was recently awarded almost $13 million dollars from the federal government for a project that would upgrade the airport’s runways. A press release from the city of Tallahassee says the spending will “provide a boost to the local economy, with up to 160 workers being hired for the project.”

According to the city’s press release:

“The fact that the [Federal Aviation Administration] is paying for 95 percent of eligible costs demonstrates the importance of the project to that agency and Tallahassee Regional Airport’s role in the National Air-Transportation system” said Director of Aviation Sunil Harman. In addition to the improvements to the runways, Harman also noted the creation of 160 jobs further extends the Airport’s role as a key economic engine for Tallahassee and the surrounding region served by TLH. He also credited the support of Tallahassee’s congressional delegation as an important component in receiving the federal funding.

Part of the reason the state of Florida has struggled to improve its high unemployment numbers has been the reduction in public jobs and public works programs. Gov. Rick Scott has said this is part of his effort to “reduce the size, scope, and cost of government.”

The Obama administration is currently advocating a jobs bill that would bring millions in publicly funded projects to the state of Florida.

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