Feds release report on health insurance exchanges; Florida still behind 1 - Florida Independent

Gov. Rick Scott (Pic via flgov.com)

A new report from the federal government shows that 28 States and the District of Columbia are on “their way toward establishing their own Affordable Insurance Exchange,” one of the big components of the health care reform law. Florida remains one of the few states that has not moved at all to follow that section of the law.

According to the report (.pdf), Florida and Louisiana are not even using one of the initial grants given to states to start planning for the exchanges.

Florida received $1 million to start planning for the exchanges. However, according to the report, the “governor subsequently stated that the grant would not be used.”

Florida is currently leading the legal challenge to health care reform, a case set to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in March. Gov. Rick Scott has said he does not believe the health care reform law is the “law of the land” until the U.S. Supreme Court upholds it.

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