Do you have a fashion product that you are dying to let everyone know about? You can easily do this with a top-notch fashion blog.

You might be asking how you can do this. It’s all about getting your own domain name, finding your unique niche, networking, and of course optimizing your blog for SEO. Doing these things will get you the views you need to start turning your ideas into a killer profit.

Not sure how to go about doing these things? In this article, we’re going to go more in-depth on how to start a fashion blog and keep it going for all of your future fans.

1. Get a Unique Domain Name and Your Own Host

If you’re going to be running this blog to turn a profit, you don’t want to host it on Tumblr. It’s a good jump off to promote your blog, but it shouldn’t be where it’s located. If you want to build your brand and be taken seriously, you need a unique domain name and a host. As your business grows, you may want to look into services including managed VPS hosting. You can learn more about the VPS meaning now to prepare yourself for that future step.

WordPress is a great place to start for this. Once you start up your blog and install WordPress you’ll have a ton of themes and plugins to choose from. It will be easier for you to choose these things once you’ve discovered how your niche sets you apart from everyone else.

2. Find Out What Sets You Apart From the Rest

There are a ton of fashion blogs out there which means it will be fairly easy for your blog to blend into the background. You need to discover your niche and take measures to make it unique so this doesn’t happen. Here a few ideas for doing just that.

Put Your Face On it

Since it’s your blog it’s only natural that you should put your face on it. This allows your potential customers to add a face to a name. When they can add a face to a name, they will be able to connect to you that much more.

Add Your Story to it

Another way to help them connect to you is to add your story to your blog. If all of your proceeds go to a certain charity let them know that. If you’ve started your business with a sewing machine in your garage, say that too.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Some people make the mistake of considering their logo as their brand. It’s more than your logo, it’s everything that you are. It’s your logo, design, style, name, all of it.

3. Keep the Great Content Coming

Once you have great content flowing on the blog, you need to keep it coming. You want to find your voice because that will also help your audience connect to you. You also want to write long blog posts that they can find value in.

If you’re not the best writer than consider hiring a copywriter when things kick off. Also, you need to have content posted often. If your last post was 6 months ago, then the person viewing your blog might get the impression that you’re no longer in business.

4. Network!

For your blog to be successful you need to get used to the networking game. You can do this by checking out other fashion bloggers and try to build a relationship with them.

By reaching out to them you can ask for advice and other pointers to help get yourself off the ground. This might be easier said than done, but if they have a public forum you can use it to start discussions with them and get to know them.

5. Optimize it to Gain Viewers

Having your blog is all well and good but if people can’t find it you won’t be able to gain viewers and turn a profit. To this end, you need to familiarize yourself with SEO.

Up Your SEO Game

Chances are you’re going to pull a majority of your traffic from search engines like Google. This means that you’ll want to optimize your website to gain higher rankings.

If you have WordPress blog, they are pretty good about helping you out in this aspect. There will still be some things that you’ll have to do, but for the most part, it can give you an edge.

Gotta Go Fast

Speed is probably the most important factor in keeping people on your blog. If it doesn’t load in less than three seconds, most people will leave. Google will also reward you if your blog is outfitted for speed.

Google considers speed a top ranking factor so the faster your blog runs, the higher you rank.

6. Make a Profit

Once you have your blog up, it’s time to start making a profit. There are a few ways you can go about this.

For example, Google AdSense allows you to easily display ads on your website so you can always generate profit. This is great when you’re just starting out and money is fairly tight.

How to Start a Fashion Blog That Will Get You a Ton of Followers

It’s well and good to have a fashion product that you’re passionate about pushing, but you’ll need a blog to help tie things together and make a profit. Familiarize yourself with SEO and use these other tips on how to start a fashion blog to put yourself in the right direction.

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