Bored with your current hairstyle or thinking about making a style change? Well, you’re in the right place. Bookmark this page to get a proper guide to your new hairstyle.

As said, change is as nice as a vacation; a new hairstyle can shake things up and boost your confidence. 2023 is the year of fashion and modernity, so why lag? Try new hairstyles this year, as this article suggests.

After reading this article, you’ll be certain about all the trendy types of hairstyles. Moreover, here we compiled the questions on your mind and answered them as well. So, let’s dive in.

Top 10 Types Of Trendy And Fashionable Haircuts For Women

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We have compiled and organized all the trendy haircuts into 10 different categories. So that you can select the best option according to your convenience. So, keep reading.

Short Haircuts For Women

Short hair has become a new trend nowadays. Numerous types of feminine pixie cuts and bob cuts for women are getting popular on Instagram and TikTok. Short hairstyles turned into a symbol of women’s empowerment these days.

However, short haircuts for women are modern fashion-oriented things today as well. Huge variants of cute and bold pixie cuts, shaggy, and bob cuts are the available options for you here.

Short Pixie Cuts

If you have the courage and confidence to shake things up and have no issues with a crop, short pixie cuts will be the best option for you. Pixie cuts consist of hair with a length of half an inch to three inches.

Short pixie cuts are considered bold in simple words. Among many short choppy pixie haircuts, lavender pixie and short curly pixie are the most trendy pixie cuts.

Long Pixie Cuts

Long Pixie Cuts

The hair is kept a little longer than a traditional pixie cut in long pixie cuts. Long pixies are usually shorter in the back and sides while longer on top. Long pixies are easy to maintain and ideal for those who want a short hairstyle that isn’t too short.

Long feminine pixie cuts are versatile, and you can experiment with different colors and textures. You can try a cool long curly pixie cut or a pixie with a long bang as a long pixie cut to look bold.

Bob Cut Hair Styles

Bob cuts generally expose the neck, and all the hair is kept above the shoulder. These bob cut hair styles are symbolized the independent, progressive, and strong women since the 20th century.

This cut will never go out of style for its elegant look, versatility, and relatively low maintenance. Bobs with bangs, angled bobs, curly bobs, and french bobs are a few examples of trendy bob-cut hairstyles.

Short Shag Hair Cut

Debuted by the barber Paul McGregor, shaggy hairstyles became trends for women who are young in spirit. Short shag hair cuts involve layering in multiple lengths. These layers make the hair look full around the crown and thin around the edges.

This hairstyle can be combined with various styles like applying a bold, statement color for a stand-out vibe. Some trendy short shag hairstyles are -modern short shaggy mullet, simple short shaggy haircut, shaggy two-tone mullet, and more.

Long Shag Hair Cut

Long shag hair cuts are great whether you have thin or thick hair. Long shags are modern haircuts that make more people notice your hair. Hair stylists add volumes and dimensions through layering and texturing to look unique and elegant.

Shags with long bangs, rebel shags, and somber shag with no bangs are the trendiest ones nowadays. You can choose any of them according to your hair texture, volume, and your stylist’s advice.

Layered Cuts For Long Curly Hair

Layered Cuts for Long Curly Hair

Layering is a great way to make your curly and wavy hair more defined. Often the weight of curly hair pulls the curl down and prompts it out of shape. But layering here gives the curls more liberty and the hair appears longer and fuller.

So, to prevent looking your classic long curly hair from becoming dull and flat, layering would be the best option. Big curls with bangs or layered ombrรฉ bob can be your next haircut as one of the trendy layered cuts for long curly hair.

Layered U Cut

The U shaped haircuts are simple, as the name suggests. With layering, the u-shaped cut holds a U-like shape at the perimeter of the cut. A layered u cut gives you the classic vintage look. And that’s the thing that made it trendy and viral nowadays.

So, if you’re interested in having a vibe of the 90s and a trendy look at the same time, this haircut is for you.

Short Layered Cut

Layering and a short cut are the perfect combinations of naturally straight hair. Short hair layered cuts give you the perfect shape of your hair effortlessly and provide the right texture. Also, short hair layered cuts add a youthful vibe to your face.

Some trendy short layered cuts are- a breezy shoulder cut, a Frenchie fringe bob, an angled lob, and more.

Long Layered Cut

Layering is the most convenient way to add fullness to thin fine hair. On the other hand, it also distributes and reduces the volume of thick wavy hair. Moreover, long layered cuts adapt to almost any face shape and hair texture.

So, what are you thinking about? Go for the universal long layered cut if you’re still in confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here we answered some common questions that may come to your mind too. So, let’s jump to the FAQ section quickly.

What Face Shape Can Pull Off A Pixie Cut?

Oval, round, and heart face shapes are usually good for pulling off a pixie. For different face shapes, you can take different measures. For instance, keep more hair on the top and less on the sides and back if you have a round face. So, your face looks a little elongated.

Is Pixie Cut Easy To Maintain?

As short and fine, pixie cuts are really easy to maintain. But, if you want to keep your hair fairly short, you’ll need to get a cut every six to eight weeks.

Bob Vs Pixie Cut: What Is The Difference?

The main difference between a bob and a pixie is the length of the hair. While the bobs don’t go past the shoulder or chin, pixies usually hit right around the ears.

Which Face Shape Is Best For Bob Cut?

If you have an oval face, you can afford any haircut, including bob cuts. Apart from oval shapes, round shapes are also ideal for bob cuts. Because bob cuts for women elongate the face naturally.

Pixie bobs or box bobs are the most popular nowadays. Also, the long lobs are popular in terms of versatility and elegance.

Does A Shag Haircut Have Bangs?

Classic shag hairstyles have fringe bangs, but it’s not essentially a part of the cut. However, you can avoid having bangs and try a longer and choppy layer instead.

Which Layer Cut Is Best For Long Hair?

It particularly depends on your taste and fashion sense. But the choppy layers and U-shaped cuts with layers are the most trending nowadays.

Which Layer Cut Is Best For Short Hair?

Again, the best depends on your taste, hair type, and texture. But particularly the lobs like angled lobs, Frenchie fringe bobs are mostly practiced nowadays.

Does Layer Cut Affect Hair Growth?

The growth of your hair depends on diet, lifestyle, and other factors. Any particular cut can’t affect hair growth. But in layer cuts, your hair will look uneven for a while until the shortest layers grow out.

Does Layer Cut Reduce Volume?

It depends on the type and technique of layering. In the case of a traditional layer, your thin and long hair can add some volume to professional hands. However, generally layer cuts don’t reduce volume.

Final Verdict

The best hairstyle for you is to be decided by your choice, taste, fashion sense, and other factors. However, before going to the hairstylist, it’s good to do some homework about trendy hairstyles. Hopefully, this article helped you to do the homework and also helped you choose among the best haircuts for women that will suit your face type.

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