In a press release sent out yesterday, state Sen. Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey, says that federal lawmakers need to apply “common sense principles” when it comes to balancing the national budget. Specifically, he argues that giving handouts and tax breaks to big corporations while cutting programs like Medicare is not a responsible tactic.

“Some members of my own party need to realize that in addition to reducing spending, reducing federal subsidies to oil companies and other rich corporations must go hand in hand,” says Fasano, in the release. “The federal deficit directly impacts Florida and all of the people who live here.  Common sense states that tough decisions need to be made. Putting people’s needs before corporate giveaways is the only way to get the job done both in Washington and in Tallahassee.”

Fasano, who has proven himself to be an independent conservative when it comes to issues like prescription drug monitoring and privatizing portions of state parks, says that he will always side with constituents, rather than big business.

“If it comes down to choosing big business or the little guy and gal I have been elected to represent, I will side with the little guy and gal every time,” he says. “I call upon my colleagues in Washington to put their constituents first as well.”

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