Planning a trip with the kids?

Traveling with young ones can feel overwhelming especially during the holidays. And with one in three American’s traveling during the holiday season, it’s best to be prepared.

But taking a winter trip doesn’t have to feel daunting.

Here are some secrets and family travel tips to help you survive the busy travel season this winter.

Here Are Some Secrets and Family Travel Tips

Take Your Time

Take Your Time

This is a rule to keep in mind from the beginning to the end of your trip. As you probably already know, traveling with kids tends to slow things down.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you have to rush.

Pack well in advance. Leave extra early for the airport. Give yourself as much time as possible to get from one activity or site seeing location to the next.

Leave breaks in the day for naps and downtime so both you and the kids can recharge.

In essence, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Leaving yourself plenty of time between activities, flights and car rides will eliminate a lot of travel stress and allow you to tackle unexpected hiccups with ease.

Make Plans in Advance

planning travel

You book your flights and cars in advance, so why not book some meals and activities?

Kids thrive with structure and although you don’t want to have every minute of your vacation mapped out, it doesn’t hurt to have some things planned ahead.

For example, you know what time you’ll land or arrive at your destination, decide where you’ll eat your first meal and make a reservation.

Arriving with hungry kids and no idea where to take them can be a stressful situation so avoid it by making a plan.

Try Something New

Take this vacation as an opportunity to try something new as a family or allow your kids to experiment with a new activity.

From martial arts classes to skiing, indoor rock climbing or cooking classes; a family vacation is a perfect chance to see if there’s a new interest or hobby you can pick up together.

If your child has expressed interest in a certain activity, make it a special occasion by allowing them to try it on this trip.

Talk About the Trip

Well before you leave, start talking to your kids about the trip. Explain where you’re going and what they can expect.

Transitions for kids can be tough. Don’t forget, it’s hard for them to be in a new environment, sleeping in a different bed and on a different schedule.

Keep them in the loop by explaining where you’re going and repeating it throughout the weeks leading up to the trip.

Show how excited you are for the journey so they understand it’s a positive and exciting thing they can look forward to as well.

Try These Family Travel Tips Today!

Family Travel

With the helpful family travel tips above, you’re on your way to a successful winter vacation.

Remember to be patient and plan as much as you can in advance. But keep in mind, the unexpected will always happen and that’s part of the adventure as well.

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