The Family Research Council has added its voice and influence to the “Black Genocide” movement this week. In an email circulated to Research Council members, the anti-choice organization blamed Planned Parenthood for the 11 percent decrease in Washington, D.C.’s black population in the past decade. Demographers and actual experts, however, are attributing this shift to the stark polarization in income and education in D.C.

According to The Washington Post, “The black population dropped by more than 39,000 over the decade, down to 301,000 of the city’s 601,700 residents.”

The black population used to be a significant majority in the city. By 1970, seven out of 10 residents were black. While research shows that gentrification, an influx of jobs requiring higher education, and escalating rent and property taxes have led to a decrease in population, the Research Council contends that the cause is access to “free abortions to local women.”

This is what the Research Council is telling their members is happening in D.C.:

According to the latest D.C. census, the number of African-Americans in the city is alarmingly low. In one decade, “the black population dropped by more than 39,000.” Experts say the percentages haven’t been this low since World War II. Do liberals think that’s a coincidence? Obviously, the local Planned Parenthood clinics are doing their job. … If you thought that black children were endangered before, imagine if the city could continue promoting free abortions to local women.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood, the group that most actively targets African-Americans, is awaiting its federal funding fate. … Help your members take advantage of the opportunity. Contact your Senators and remind them that there are plenty of legitimate health clinics out there that will provide services to women other than abortion. And 99% of them probably haven’t been implicated in child prostitution, sex abuse, or statutory rape!

The “Black Genocide” movement is not new, but it has been getting significant play as one of the favorite memes of the anti-choice movement as of late. The movement has been featured in ad campaigns all over the country — including Jacksonville. Last week, followers of the movement rallied outside House Speaker Rep. John Boehner’s office and spoke at a faith-based conference in Virginia.

The movement recently saw a legislative victory when Arizona became the first state last month to outlaw race- of gender-based abortions.

The Family Research Council is very influential in the conservative and anti-abortion movement. Every year the organization hosts what it called a “Values Voter Summit.” Already lined up to speak at this year’s conference in October are Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and others.

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