The 2022 fall fashion scene includes many classic autumn colors and warm-weather pieces, but designers have also thrown in a few twists. Fashionistas don’t need unlimited bank accounts to get the looks, either. Hip and happening shops offer affordable versions of clothes the world’s best-dressed women are wearing. This year’s boots, spins on usual fall colors, and sweaters are trending. Leather is as hip as ever, jeans are still cool, and suits add tailored chic.

1. It Wouldn’t Be Fall without Boots

Boots in every configuration are mandatory for an on-trend look in 2022. Classic, stylish over-the-knee boots are back. But did they really ever go out of style? A pair of elegant, suede thigh-high boots look good with short or long skirts, maxi dresses, and jean skirts.

The ankle-length Chelsea boot is a wardrobe staple. Featuring a neat little heel and sleek looks, it strikes the perfect balance between casual and dressy. For a more rugged, but oh-so-modish touch, designers offer black lace-up boots with stacked heels. Runway versions of these looks cost thousands of dollars, but similar options from are budget-friendly.

2. Eclectic Is Very Hot

In 2022, it’s cool to break fashion rules. Per Vogue, some of the world’s most famous street stylers don’t fit into any trend. The look is ideal for fashionistas who value personal style and aren’t interested in what others wear. Some of the most fearless eclectic looks this autumn combine mixed prints, bold colors, and unusual combinations. The key to keeping it on-trend is impeccable fit.

3. Monochromatic Colors Are In

The colors of fall are always chic, and every wardrobe should include timeless reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. But in 2022, there’s also a new theme. The stylish and famous are layering pieces in shades of beige, chocolate, cognac, and caramel. The result is an earthy, warm look. It’s easy for any woman to put together a wardrobe in deep, rich, flattering color combinations with so many choices.

4. It’s All About the Sweaters

It just wouldn’t be fall without a sweater collection, and this season some old favorites are back. Cable knits, argyles, and oversized cardigans are everywhere. Marie Claire fashion writers report that at least two dozen different types of sweaters are trending. Favorites include long, loose styles worn over dresses and oversized cardigans in bright, seasonal colors.

Argyle knit and cashmere styles are trending as are Argyle jumpers. Style setters are pairing puff-sleeved, color block sweaters with jeans and skirts. Elegant collared cardigans are in vogue and provide a slim silhouette that looks terrific with jeans.

Fall Fashions Trending

5. Jeans Never Go Out of Style

No fall or winter wardrobe is complete without jeans, perhaps a woman’s hardest-working garment. In fall 2022, designers introduced fashion-forward versions of classic jeans, so there is something for every taste.

The 1970s inspired this year’s flared, high-waisted jeans, and they are just as cool as ever. Some designers borrowed from the 80s and went with high-waisted, tapered versions, often tucked into boots. Naturally, classic straight jeans are everywhere because they go with everything and pair just as beautifully with casual tops as they do with blazers. No need to throw out those skinny jeans just yet because they are also as chic as ever. So are slouchy, over-sized styles for those who love a more relaxed vibe.

6. It’s the Year of Leather

To no one’s surprise, leather is once again a wardrobe staple, although designers have added some interesting touches. For example, runways featured a white midi dress with a figure-flattering leather waist. This season, the well-dressed woman is wearing leather pants with her chunky boots. Many women put together all-leather looks featuring jackets and pants or skirts. Many opted for vegan leather that reduces their carbon footprint. In fact, faux leather is trending at the moment.

7. Trouser Suits Are Sizzling

Another wardrobe must-have is the trouser suit with pieces that can be mixed and matched to create an array of looks. On-trend suits include high-waisted, slim-leg pants paired with a single-breasted, fitted blazer. Fashion-forward looks include structured jackets and flared pants or striped wool pants worn with a cinch-waist suit jacket.

For those who enjoy a touch of elegance in their suit dressing, this season’s wool and silk jacket and pants are just the things. Blazers are always essential pieces and can be worn with various pants and skirts to create endless combinations. Some popular blazers include the boyfriend checked style, denim versions, and a vanilla three-button option.

8. Midi Dresses Add Feminine Glam

It just wouldn’t be fall without a collection of midi dresses, and 2022 is no exception. A midi is defined as any dress that falls below the knee but above the ankle. Like longer maxi dresses, midis are feminine and versatile.

For the 2022 fall season, options range from tailored, button-up styles to flowing plaid dresses with ruffled skirts. Tie-front versions are hot, as are floral prints. Knitted midis in various styles and colors are trendy, and one designer offered a gorgeous floral tank-style midi reminiscent of 1950s fashions.

9. Accessories Finish Fall Looks

Aside from the essential chunky boots, the other accessory every wardrobe needs this year is a bucket bag. The bags are cute and practical, available in dozens of colors and shapes, and surprisingly roomy.

Big chain necklaces are everywhere this year, and there is no one way to wear them. Women are pairing hem with several thinner necklaces, using shorter styles as chokers, and sporting longer statements styles. Large chains go equally well with turtlenecks, V-neck sweaters, suits, and sweatshirts. A well-chosen chain necklace can tie any outfit together and create a stunning effect.

In 2022, fall fashions combine the best of the past with modern twists. Classics like jeans, leather jackets, suits, and midi dresses are as trendy as ever, but often include stylish touches that give them a fresh look. It’s a great year for individualists since the eclectic look is very in. Leather is still as stylish as ever, but many women are choosing eco-friendly vegan leather. As always, accessories like boots, bucket bags, and chains are essential elements of autumn looks.

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