Do you want to go on a vacation?

Stress can be your primary reason to desire this break. After all, most Americans cite their current workload as their cause of stress.

However, planning your vacation can be another source of stress. It’s more prevalent when you have no idea where to go.

A great destination to start is the Caribbean. Before going to this vacation spot, learn more about it. Read on as we discuss some interesting facts about the Caribbean:

1. Jamaica has the Highest Church Concentration in the World

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Jamaica has more churches per square kilometer than other nations. It’s surprising since most people associate it with Rastafarianism. The truth is the country is predominantly Christian.

While the population has over 64% Christian, only 10% practice the Rastafarian faith.

2. A Boiling Lake

Dominica has the Boiling Lake, a cauldron of volcanic activity over 2,600 feet above sea level. This flooded fumarole isn’t a place you can reach easily. After all, it requires crossing forests with boiling mud.

Worse, these fertile muddy forests blast sulfuric gas occasionally. While interesting, it’s best to stick to safer tourist destinations. Consider checking this article source for the top places to see in the Bahamas.

3. English Sailors Needed Butter to Sail to the Caribbean

English Sailors Needed Butter to Sail to the Caribbean

The butter isn’t for curing the sailors’ lonely nights at sea. However, it’s for an old nautical rule to navigate to the West Indies from England. It was to head south until the butter melts before turning right.

With this rule, English sailors could use butter as a primitive GPS.

4. Commercial Rum Originated from the Caribbean

As a liquor connoisseur, you might already know this fact. For the uninitiated, the Caribbean nation of Jamaica was the first to make rum commercially.

Christopher Columbus first introduced rum to Jamaica in 1494. However, after a long history, the country sells liquor to over 70 countries across the globe.

5. The Bahamas Take the Majority of Caribbean Islands

The Bahamas Take the Majority of Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean has over 1.063 million square miles of land. Over 7,000 islands exist in the region, but only around 100 have inhabitants. As such, island jumping takes on a different meaning.

Out of the 13 Caribbean countries, The Bahamas has the most islands. The country has 700 islands, with New Providence as the 11th largest. It houses Nassau, the most populated city in the country.

Honorable Mention: The Caribbean has 19 Active Volcanos

The majority of the Caribbean comes from volcanic activity. Even now, 19 active volcanoes are in the Eastern Caribbean.

Every Caribbean island is in danger of volcanic eruptions. It applies whether you’re in Grenada or Saba.

Learn More Facts About the Caribbean Now

These are the most interesting facts about the Caribbean. The beauty and uniqueness of each island are why you should travel to the Caribbean.

However, learning about these is only the beginning. Consider studying the history of the Caribbean islands to get the most out of your experience.

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