A survey established that 47% of the respondents experienced hormonal imbalance at some point in their life. Of these, 43% were certain that the quality of their well-being had nose-dived because of the hormonal imbalance. Does this script sound familiar to you?

Experiencing frequent hormonal imbalances or low hormone production can interfere with your normal routine. Going for bio identical hormone therapy can help you reduce the imbalance.

Bio identical hormones refer to processed hormones like natural hormones produced by your body.

Here are some interesting facts you should know about this promising therapy.

1. What Is Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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Bio identical hormone replacement therapy uses processed animals from plants to help treat symptoms of hormonal imbalance or low hormones among people. These symptoms often manifest during the perimenopause or menopause phase. Progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone are some of the common hormones you can replace using this therapy.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved some companies to pre-make some forms of bioidentical hormones. Pharmacists can also make the bioidentical hormone for you in some cases. But, you must have a prescription from your healthcare provider for this to be possible.

Drug companies rely on hormonal extracts from plants to make bioidentical hormones. The companies produce them in pills, vaginal inserts, creams, sprays, and gels. After assessing your situation, your healthcare provider will recommend the best form for you.

2. Bio Identical Hormone Therapy Is Safe

Bio identical hormone therapy is safe for two reasons. One, drug companies that make bio-identical hormones have the approval of the FDA. The FDA conducts rigorous testing of all drugs they approve to ensure they are safe for use by almost everyone.

Second, healthcare providers will assess you before recommending any form of therapy. If you pass the assessment, no harm will come to you due to going for this therapy. Going for any therapy is a personal choice since healthcare providers outline all the risks and rewards before recommending a therapy option.

Hormone therapy will only be risky if you have breast cancer or cardiovascular diseases. It’s best to seek other alternatives if you are susceptible to blood clotting disorder or stroke.

3. The Dosage Varies

The therapy aims to help you relieve undesirable symptoms using the least dosage possible. For this reason, your healthcare provider will have to watch you closely before recommending the appropriate dosage. You may need to go for routine saliva and blood tests to enable the provider to determine your hormone levels.

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Women experience fluctuations in their hormone levels every day. So, a healthcare provider may have to adjust the dosage to accommodate the fluctuations. The good thing about the process is it takes a short period.

4. Side Effects Get Better With Time

Any treatment option has its side effects, although the risks outweigh the reward in most cases. Yet some quarters are hell-bent on portraying bio-identical hormone therapy as bad, like in the biote lawsuit.

When you go for this therapy for the first time, your body will react because the new levels of hormones are unfamiliar to it. As time goes by, your body will adjust to these changes. If the side effects persist, your healthcare provider will change the dose to ease them.

You might experience tiredness, blurry vision, acne, or a slight weight gain when on this therapy. Females may also experience cramping and breast tenderness. It’s normal to feel itchy in the area where you apply the gel, cream, or patch.

5. It Has Many Benefits

You might be on a bio-identical hormone pellet expecting a single resultβ€”for instance, the need to manage hot flashes. In the process, you improve your sleeping pattern, memory, mood changes, and interest in intimacy.

These are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the benefits you’ll derive from bio identical hormone therapy. People who go for the therapy reduce the risk of teeth loss, cataract formation, and diabetes. Evidence shows that BHRT improves your skin’s thickness and elasticity, resulting in reduced wrinkles.

Cancer patients who’ve gone for treatment may improve the quality of their life using bio-identical hormones. This is because the boost in hormonal levels helps alleviate migraines, low libido, and insomnia, that’s common after cancer treatments.

6. Compounding

Compounding is the custom-making of bio identical hormones. Compounding is helpful when you need a bio identical hormone that’s not commercially available. Compounding is also useful if you are intolerant to the original ingredients in a bio-identical hormone.

Compounding works in most cases, although the FDA is yet to approve bio-identical hormones arising from this process. You should only turn to compounding as a last resort; stick to the originals. Also, make sure a healthcare provider issues a prescription before going to a pharmacist for the compounding.

7. It’s Affordable

BHRT prices vary among service providers, but they are generally affordable for most people. A typical plan will include medication, custom treatment, and follow-up appointments. Expect the initial cost to be a little higher than the monthly payments.

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If you go through bio identical pellet reviews, you’ll learn that the long-term benefits outweigh the costs. Get insurance coverage that covers this therapy before you sign up for it. This measure will help you reduce the cost of the entire plan to a manageable level.

Don’t assume every insurance provider caters to this therapy. Reach out to them beforehand to know if they cover the therapy and what cost. Some insurance providers cover the full cost, while others expect you to chip in.

Manage Your Hormonal Levels

Your hormones affect everything you do, whether at work or home. An imbalance or low production of hormones will slow you down because of the undesirable symptoms that come with it.

Reclaim your life by undergoing bio identical hormone therapy to manage your hormonal level. For more articles like this, browse through the website.

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