Every year, three million people are injured in car accidents in the US and many of these accidents are the fault of another driver. Car accidents can cost you significantly, from long-term injuries to lost wages due to missed work to property damage to your car.

If you’ve been the victim of an accident that was the result of the negligence or wrongful act of another person, you should consider contacting an attorney. Read on to learn more about selecting auto accident attorneys and what to look for.

1. Car Accident Case Experience

Car Accident Attorney

The first thing you want to look for is experience. Not all personal injury lawyers are created equal. Look for one with experience handling car accidents, particularly your type of accident.

If you were in a truck accident or a pedestrian accident, you want a lawyer who specializes in those types of cases. Learn more about what to look for here.

2. Reviews

Reading online reviews is part of the purchasing process for most things we buy, so hiring an attorney should be no different. Read all of the online reviews that you can find. Check out client testimonials on any potential attorney’s website. Ask around to anyone you know if they have anyone they recommend.

3. Fee Structure

After a Car Accident

When considering working with an attorney, make sure you understand their fee structure. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means that you don’t pay anything to your attorney unless you win.

However, there are usually expenses such as medical records, doctor’s visits, expert witnesses, etc. that must be paid before the case concludes. Most attorneys will pay for these costs upfront and then be reimbursed from your settlement. If you lose, though, some attorneys may require you to pay these fees back to them.

Be sure that you are clear on who pays for these costs and when.

4. Communication

Good communication between you and your attorney is important, as cases can drag on for an extended period of time. Find someone who will communicate with you when there are developments in the case and be available if you have questions.

You should also discuss their communication preferences, such as email, phone, or text. If you prefer to talk on the phone, but an attorney only likes to email or text, you may not be a good match.

5. Choose Someone You Like

how to avoid car accidents

Go with your gut, as it is not often wrong. You need an attorney that you feel comfortable with to represent you and look out for your best interests. When comparing options for attorneys, pay attention to your initial feelings about an attorney. Oftentimes, that initial gut feeling is right.

Selecting Auto Accident Attorneys That Will Work for You

When selecting auto accident attorneys, take your time and be thoughtful about who you choose. This person could be the difference between getting an adequate settlement for your injuries and expenses and getting little money and having to pay out of pocket.

If you found these tips helpful, be sure to check out some of our other articles for more helpful information.

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