As much as we would like, we canโ€™t ride our bikes every minute. So, we need to think of the best place and way to store them. The simple bicycle storage guide below highlights some tips on proper bike storage.

What to Consider 

It’s not as easy as it looks. Before you buy your ideal setup for storage, there are factors to consider. What you want and need may differ. Think about your bikeโ€™s space, weight, frame style, and security. 

Indoor Storage Solutions 

It’s challenging to store the bike indoors, but there’re space-saving bike solutions from narrow hallways to high-ceilinged living rooms. Besides, keeping it inside, your bike needs more security. 

Outdoor Storage Solutions 

If youโ€™re fortunate to have an outdoor space, there are various options for outdoor bike storage. Those vary from high-security setups to techniques that basically protect your bike from damaging elements.ย 

Assess your needs from aesthetic, budget, and security perspective to choose the fittest. 

Bicycle Storage

DIY Storage Solutions 

You still didn’t find what you needed or desired? Consider making it yourself โ€“ DIY bike storage. Consider the economically available bike products and the endless ways of storing your bicycle using the right materials, tools, and creative thinking. 

Know Feedback Sports 

Feedback Sports is a world leader in bike repair stands, tool kits, and bicycle tools. You find classic wall-mount, bicycle trainers, and free-standing bike storage solutions. The award-winning bike repair stands have a design for various kinds of bikes, budget, and mechanics.

Theyโ€™re designed with durability and portability at heart. The stands make servicing your work easier and enjoyable. 

Bicycle Storage Racks

A storage rack ensures you don’t lay your bicycle anywhere. A storage rack aids in protecting the bike from damage, for instance, dents, dirt, and dings. Racks typically serve as bike homes. 

Bicycle Storage

They also make your carport and garage clean and organized instead of having a pile of a bike lying in one corner. Bike racks, however, differ according to personal needs. One rack may hold ten bikes and another two. 

Factors to think about when searching for an ideal bike rack include bicycle size, number of bikes, security, hanging, standing, and amount of storage space.ย 

  • When it comes to size, the bike should have sufficient room to move. Remember, in the future; you may change your bicycle type. Consider a rack that can accommodate different types and sizes of bikes. 
  • Choose a storage rack that accommodates your space. People living in condos and apartments have limited space. That doesnโ€™t mean you go for a small rack. Most stores accommodate standing and hanging bike racks. 
  • Will you install the rack on the wall? Ensure it has the entire necessary equipment. However, standing racks are simple to set up. Finally, consider security. Some racks have locks while others don’t have. You may consider a security bike locker that protects your bike from falling.

PARKIS is the first in the world effortless bicycle lift. It is a fully mechanical device. It helps to save floor space by quickly and easily putting a bicycle to a vertical position.
The unique feature that separates PARKIS from all other solutions is that it doesn’t require much physical effort to park a bike vertically.

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