Not many of us are blessed with straight teeth; in fact, there are so many causes of crooked teeth that you’re likely to be a victim of at least one.

It can be devastating to not have the straight pearly whites you wish you had. But not all hope’s lost, especially with Invisalign in the scene!

However, this treatment to straighten teeth isn’t for everyone. So there are some things you should know before taking the plunge.

Here are 4 things you should consider before getting Invisalign.

1. It’s Not for Serious Cases

Here's a Breakdown of the Average Cost Of Invisalign

Unfortunately, if your teeth are very crooked, you won’t be a good candidate for Invisalign. This is because the treatment uses clear aligners, which are limited in their capabilities. They provide less force, which means they can’t move teeth as much.

If you have very crooked teeth, then you might have to look to more traditional teeth-straightening methods, such as metal bracket braces.

2. You’ll Need to Be Disciplined and Responsible

Traditional braces are permanently bonded to your teeth, which means you can’t take them off at will. But Invisalign’s trays can be taken out at any time.

While this allows you more freedom to eat and drink what you like, it does require you to be disciplined. For Invisalign to be effective, you need to wear it for at least 22 hours a day.

An advantage of this teeth-straightening method is that it’s very discreet since the aligners are “invisible”. But this is a double-edged sword, as it’s very easy to lose your clear trays. If you’re already losing things on a regular basis, then Invisalign might not be right for you.

Factors That Affect Invisalign Cost

3. It Can Take Some Time to See Results

Everyone’s case is different; treatment might take 2 years for you while it takes 1 year for someone else.

Initially, it’ll depend on how serious your case is. But ultimately, your treatment time hinges on how disciplined you are with wearing your aligners.

4. It Can Be Pricey

Traditional braces can be pricey as well, but in general, the cost of Invisalign is more. Of course, it’ll depend on your treatment time, but expect to pay a pretty penny for this type of cosmetic dentistry. It can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $10,000, depending on where you’re located and which dentist you’re seeing.

If you want to find out more, read about Invisalign costs here.

Choosing the Best Invisalign Doctor

Is Getting Invisalign Right for You?

Getting Invisalign can be the perfect solution for some people while it’s not ideal for others. Hopefully, this article should’ve given you a better picture of this procedure and put you on the right track.

If you do think it’s a good idea, then speak to your dentist. They’ll be able to do an initial consultation to see if you’re indeed a good candidate!

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