Around 80% of people are searching online for a product or service.

This stat shows how many people are shopping more than ever before. Given how many people are Google for products or services on their desktop or mobile device, it’s important that businesses figure out their website ranking.

Businesses need to know how to improve their website ranking. This is important if a business wants more website traffic, more leads, and more conversions.

But what factors improve your SEO strategy and SEO ranking? Here are five factors to consider that greatly influence where your website ranks on Google.

1. Mobile Impacts Searches

Mobile Impacts Searches

One of the biggest influences on website ranking is how your website performs on mobile.

Optimizing your blog content, your website design and development for mobile will greatly enhance the user experience. When Google notices that your website is ready for mobile, it can help your website rank higher.

Another part that influences your website ranking is the outbound links that you put in your content. You want to choose links that are relevant to the reader and not links that are old and outdated.

Consider links that are relevant to your product or something that is also useful to your target market.

3. Keyword Strategy

Keyword Strategy

Finding keywords that are high in search and not competitively ranked can also help your website rank higher.

However, you want to choose keywords that are based on user intent. Consider long-form keywords that are more closely based on how people search.

4. High-Quality Content

Another factor that influences your website ranking is the quality of your website content. You want to write content that offers insight and in-depth research about your product.

When you write long-form content, Google will often rank it higher because it has more information. It’s detailed and is better content than your competition.

Although high-quality content may be more challenging to write, you should still consider the value of what it can do for your business and your website ranking.

Voice Search

The final factor to consider that can help your website ranking is voice search.

If your business is optimized for voice search, it makes it easier for your business to be found on Google. In addition, Google will also favor businesses that are on voice searches because they are easier to find.

These businesses are more catered to user content.

Now You Know How to Improve Website Ranking

When you are trying to find ways to improve your website ranking, it can be confusing on knowing where to start. You may not have an idea of what to implement first into business.

With these five tips, you now have a better idea of what you need to do to improve your website ranking. You know what you need to do to increase your traffic and produce more leads.

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